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Skins PIRELLI P-ZERO Used scrubbed set HD Matte finish for SF15-T V3.5 FINAL

Hopefully this is what everybody has been asking for.

  1. blackcelica submitted a new resource:

    PIRELLI P-ZERO Used scrubbed set HD Matte finish for SF15-T - Hopefully this is what everybody has been asking for.

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  2. 20160728155132_1.jpg 20160728155137_1.jpg 20160728155143_1.jpg
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  3. very nice tanx love these over the new looking ones
  4. Cool, I'm glad you like them. F1 has never looked so good
  5. I like the mod as well as I liked the other one (I stated this as well in my review)
    I just tried the matte ultra soft, and it looked like the purple ring around the cheeks of the tire are kind of pink now. They we're brilliant with the glare tyres you released earlier (New tyre look like)

    Edit: I tried the "Super Soft" Set and they looked on point.
    Seems like it only the ultra soft that doesn't have the proper coloring.
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  6. Weird, I pulled the colour directly off a photo. Before it was too deep purple, then too creamy purple. Could just be the purple with different ppfilters or monitors. It's the only one that never looks exactly right. I'll see what I can do.
  7. That'd be awesome! I really liked the purple on the new tires. I looked up some F1 2016 tire images and I think the new tire ones are pretty darn close! Keep me updated :)

    Edit: I've attached a file, might help you with the coloring.

    P.s. none the less I really appreciate your effort! Another thank you!

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  8. What I might do then is change it to the colour you've forwarded and then send it to you to have a look at first before uploading an update. If you recon it's OK then I'll roll it out. Most people only seem to use med, soft and super soft as the purple of the ultras clash with most liveries....but it has to right or it will bug me.
  9. Ok, I've sent you a download link of a modified set.
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  10. Awesome! It's a heck lot closer to the real thing!

    Maybe a slight touch of a bit brighter purple (exposure?). In the photo I uploaded it seems a little more bright/exposed and leaning slightly towards purple/pink. If it's not to much work please see if you can try to brighten up the purple a little and send it private again.

    None the less, I can live with this!
  11. I pulled the exact colour off the photo. What I think is happening is the colour is altering slightly when the alpha mask is applied to create the matte look. I'll try and compensate for that and update a copy to you later on today sometime. You'll have to live with it for a day. Lol.
  12. Nah it's okay man, I sure can live with this! It's just amazing :D I simply love the tire skin mod, it's so small but so detailed! Not sure why Kunos didn't do this..
  13. Another version of the purple colour. If this is approved, i'll update the whole pack to include.
  14. blackcelica updated PIRELLI P-ZERO Used scrubbed set HD Matte finish for SF15-T with a new update entry:

    Used looking scrubbed matte look Pirelli P-zero for Ferrari SF15-T

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  15. Sorry for the late reply, I'm currently at work and not able to try the new file you send me.
    I see you just updated the package, i'll check it later this afternoon. Is the package containing the same ultra softs you've send me?

    I'll let you know!
  16. Yes, I am confident you'll like them very much. They are exactly what you pointed me too so thanks again for your input. I had to nip the tyres off with final editions as I've got other stuff being created that needs 100% focus.
  17. Great work :)
    BTW: All the skin dont work online. Its licensing related?
  18. Absolutely no idea. Could be.
  19. Ok i never had troubles with installing mods but where the hell do i unpack it? :)
  20. Each tyre colour has 4 files. Choose which tyre colour you want and copy those 4 files in to the skin folder of the car you want to see them on. So if you want them on massa's Williams you'd place those files within that folder.