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Misc Pirelli P Zero Premium Edition - F1 2014 - F1 2013 1.7

realistic pirelli tires with fix for brightness

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  1. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    is good but could be more spoiled wear texture it's cool to see, beyond the mere bubbles and rubber rest of stickies.
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  2. fantastic vlas! thanks for your hard work. i'll use it immediately.
  3. I see my friend play with them live in http://www.twitch.tv
    in abu dhabi is beautiful in the evening transition
  4. made some versions and chosen at the end were these, this year the tires are not as fragile as the last year, so what I did was looking at two or three tires less destroyed on the internet and try to reproduce, my head is frying now, more than two weeks doing these tires, I need to breathe, after I see if I can change some!
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  5. agnus rock silva

    agnus rock silva
    @ Simberia @Simberia

  6. Master piece!
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  7. BRAVO friend, excellent job. these tires make the game more realistic, thank you very much.
  8. Thank you, soon I will see if I make some updade I will collect complaints kkkkk
  9. I start the Update
    new blur and more detonated wear in heavy version
    and I am repeating the side, improving the position of the blue arrow and messing it
  10. Amazing work , thank you very much.
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  11. Splendid work.
    Just on a side note,If you could include tyre wear textures without the brake marks would be amazing just like the previous installments back in the 2013.
  12. in fact the only tire that had brake mark, is the hard tire (orange) in this version
    But now there will be some more in some packages with update
    so I think it is for everyone to enjoy, have, and do not have in some tires, but if you want no brake marks save the 1.0 version because the update will have a tire with more marks, after you download and can make a repack, yourself changing textures of marks not to lose the improvements,
    then, I'll see if I redo the hard tires with brakes also, but that in the next update (1.2) I'm kind of out of time now
  13. Uh,how to install this? I mean what files i put and where?
  14. vlasovas updated Pirelli P Zero Premium Edition - F1 2014 - F1 2013 with a new update entry:

    Pirelli P Zero Premium Edition - F1 2014 - F1 2013 1.1 version

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  15. to install Get the Update ...


    how to install wiht RMM

    or simple extract

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  16. Thank you very much for your brilliant work...:). Maybe i have a particular problem but i noticed that blue arrow is visible only on right side of the car ...on left side, the tires don't have that symbol/ blue arrow.
  17. I withdrew because if I put to appear on all tires, 2 of them will point in the wrong direction, then it would be a failure, so I did so that it has the arrows, but pointing in the right direction, and mounted in a better position is more realistic and not so game
    already resolved your problem by PM, clean arrows, and clean tracks
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