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Skins PIRELLI P-Zero HD Tyres for Ferrari SF15-T V3.0 FINAL EDITION

Clean cut, unmarked tyres in HD using png vectors.

  1. blackcelica submitted a new resource:

    PIRELLI P-Zero HD Tyres for Ferrari SF15-T - Clean cut, unmarked tyres in HD using png vectors.

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  2. and how are these tires are installed?
    where ?
  3. Copy the 4 files of your chosen tyre in to the skin folder of the particular car skin. These are for Ferrari sf15t only.
  4. Thank you for these! :)

    I wish Kunos would add a function so that we can drop all tire textures in and when we chose between hardness in the sim it also change texture on the tires automatically, and we dont have to keep switching texture.

    Small detail: I noticed the purple is a bit too deep purple. They are more "creamy purple" in real life. A little more white mixed in. I made "Pirelli" and left curved line the color it has in real life like picture below. Its just a small detail though.

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  5. Thank you very much for the update mate. Good work. :thumbsup:

    You are right in your response to my review that they do look like shiny plastic when brand new. I just thought since we drive the cars it would be nice if they were a little more matte, thats all. Since we do drive and not just look at the cars in the pit it make sense to have them look like are a little bit used. Not much, but just a little cause otherwise it looks weird after several laps they look sparkling new.

    The update is super! Just wanted to make myself clear since i did agree with you. Just that i thought it would be a bit better with slightly less brand new style. ;)

    EDIT: Tested them all now and i have to say you nailed it! Looks so realistic now. We can only hope Kunos make it possible to change tire texture when changing tires so we can get full use of those awesome tires of yours hehe. Thank you!!!

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  6. Great work so far but I've to add two things: the tires are really to shiny for driving and your paintings far of the center of the tire. It looks not good to see the brandings go up and down all the way.

    Greets After Midnight
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  7. I just saw that, but so far i noticed it on medium (white). They are super super shiny and the texture on the inside wheel is off centre so it looks like tire is wobbling.

    The soft (yellow) looks fantastic (perfect shine).

    I thought i spotted everything first time around. I will check more tires. Soft is perfect though.

    EDIT: Jezuz this is a bit confusing. But they do look different on F138 to SF15-T or am i the only one seeing that? Try the yellow (soft) tires on both cars and test. F138 look amazing while SF15-T look super shiny and sharp (like too much of both).
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  8. Hi, I know what you mean. The Kunos original has that slight wobble effect because of the straight edge on the pirelli P. I've got another update to do so I'll try and correct that a bit. Someone has messaged me to add the brand new barcode sticker on. I left that off on purpose as it is very rarely seen on the tyre by the time it gets to the track. It normally peels of during the tyre labeling and heating process. If it remains on then normally the garage prep man removes with an alcohol spray. The sticker itself is made from a very thin film of rubber. I also need to change the colour of the purple a bit. I'll have a look at it later.
  9. No sorry. The Pirelli brand is not the reason of the wobble effect. The whole painting with Pirelli, PZero and the stripes are out of the center. You'll see it in replay ( where I have a last look for my tires skins). Turn on the slowmotion.
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  10. I replied without checking first, a guess so to speak but I think I've identified the issue and will be updating soon. Still not perfect but much better and far less wobble effect. Here is a screen shot with the barcode on WIP.
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  11. Another WIP shot. Getting nearer to 0 wobble.
  12. Ok, I've got it now. Here is a screen showing static tyre and still from slo mo. They are in sync now. Need to re-do all the colours and it should be good to go.
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  13. blackcelica updated PIRELLI P-Zero HD Tyres for Ferrari SF15-T with a new update entry:

    Various fixes from received feedback.

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  14. blackcelica updated PIRELLI P-Zero HD Tyres for Ferrari SF15-T with a new update entry:

    New and improved logos and placement for better rotational transitions.

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  15. A couple more WIP shots with a bit more detail. The base for a scrubbed set.
    20160728025253_1.jpg 20160728041618_1.jpg
  16. WIP shots for scrubbed set. New slick texture (more matte and scratched like its done a few laps)
    20160728044946_1.jpg 20160728045231_1.jpg
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  17. Another WIP shot. Matte grey non light reflecting scrubb set. Just need to do the colours.
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  18. This looks great!