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Pirelli and Mercedes Reprimanded

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Bram

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  2. Mercedes have benefited from their test for longer and were able to use their real drivers, so they definitely can't complain about this outcome.
  3. PDF missing: Page not found

    The requested page "/sites/default/files/press_release/file/%20IT-2013-01%20-Decision%20%20EN%20.pdf" could not be found.

    What are the actual reprimands? Sorry bitch and moan but there like 3 lines in total that talks about penalties in a very broad manor (on the intro and not broadening any further on the main body of text..) and the rest is just, well.. Not what the headline is, IMHO... Mercedes and Pirelli are sorry is the main "news" with a brief mention of the reprimands..
  4. If it was an other non works team, then I think it could have been alot more harsh. Not really a penalty is it.

    Bet Horner is twitching away now, his foot thrashing away..... :D
  5. By the way, does anyone know if those reprimands actually mean anything? Especially for Pirelli, what can the FIA even do to them in case of a repeat offense? Revoke Paul Hembery's paddock access? :p
  6. Peter

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    I wonder what that benefit is, they are slow as ever.
  7. It's completely impossible to do 1000km of testing and not learn anything from it. It doesn't even necessarily have to be about the tyres. At the very least you gain confidence over your reliability.
    Also, they took 62 points out of the two races after the test, only 8 less than RB and more than any other team. So I fail to see how they are supposed to be slow.
  8. The plot of this scandal was well thought, but the execution was horrid. Furthermore, the ending was predictable and lacked punch.

    3/10. Mercedes, Pirelli and the FIA will have to work harder for their next scandal.

    And seriously, there was no way Mercedes would get a big penalty.
  9. I don't really think so, the way I see it and the way the press releases explain it looks to me atleast like a just punishment.
    Im sure the FIA were some what nervous of pissing off Damlier too much but I think its clear the FIA misshandled the whole situation.

    As far as what they learned from this test? Well if you're doing a tyre test you're going to have to have a nonchanging flatbed, you don't go around adding and changing things to the car. One article said that the team ran the car as it was run in the race. Saying that they atleast have better knowledge of their cars endurance aswell as their drivers getting some practice but theres no regulation of whom is in the driver seat (the exception to this is at the Young Driver tests).

    Young Driver tests give the opportunity for teams to go nuts with testing, so I think the punishment fit the crime.
  10. -delete post-
  11. Not harsh enough :( Brawn knew that and his comments afterwards showed that.
  12. Brawn found a grey area in the rules, and expoited it, thats the name of the game.

    Reading the full decision gives you a better idea of what went down.
  13. Then how does that make Mercedes any better than RedBull who many criticise for exploiting grey areas?
  14. Nobody in F1 cares who is 'better' morally :p
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  15. It does't. I've never gone about criticising any teams view on what the rules mean, in fact im one of those people who enjoy the way the rules can be interpreted by each team.

    I can't talk for everyone else.
  16. Bram

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    Working fine here.
  17. Fine for me aswell. Maybe a problem with your version of Adobe?
  18. Works on Chrome, it's my tinfoilhatted firefox again.. Funny, i got all the regular stuff enabled, java is unblocked, had no problems with PDF before etc. (i do have strict cross-site scripts blocking along with all the trackers blocked...) Well, that was my bad..
  19. The verdict is an absolute joke if you ask me. Basically a free ticket for Pirelli and Merc.
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  20. Agree.
    If the punishment is no Young Driver Test for the involved team and a "reprimand" (whatever that means to FIA), then:

    1. It's the unfairest punishment in history since one of the more affected parts are... yes, young drivers. Guys, possibly future promises, that had nothing to do with Mercedes' illegal test. Yes, illegal. I don't see that "gray part" in the rules in this case. It's blatantly illegal: 2013 car with official drivers, no FIA stewards watching it since there was no official permission from FIA... Gray area in the rules? Really?
    2. Every team now would consider making a three-days test with Pirelli (and not just for the sake of knowing Pirelli tyres better, but also for the other tests you can do: reliability, new parts) as long as it's done under the same conditions and obviously with the same punishment.