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Pirelli 2012 Tyres (with INTER/WET specific branding)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Tom Langford, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Here is the latest version of Rini's Pirelli 2012 Tyre Mod with his latest changes to the colour of each tyre compound; along with my Mod which has the P ZERO logo on the Dry Compound Tyres and the Cinturatologo on the Wet Compound Tyres. All credit for the Improved Tyre Tread Textures and effects go to Gl4dia70rZ.

    (Make sure you replace all your orignal files with the ones included in this mod in order for it to work correctly. Please backup existing files before installing this mod.)

    Gl4dia70rZ's Pirelli 2012 Tyre Mod (with My [ThoLan36] Cinturato Tyre Branding):http://www.mediafire.com/?kd6p4w5t7o1m390
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  2. possible to have pictures, thank you.
  3. Thanks for your job.
    But sorry, I don't understand your work.
    I have tested all tyres (included INTER/WET) and each have PZERO branding (no CINTURATO for INTER/WET tyres).
  4. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    As stated in a previous thread, it is not possible to have PZERO on the dry and CINTURATO on the wets.

    There is only one mask that is in this game. All the mask does is allow the colours to show through the black sidewalls of the tyre.

    If you mask in CINTURATO, it will show on both the wet and dry tyres.

    the tyres in this game differ greatly from the 2010 game. In 2010 the tyres were Bridgestone and all you had were green stripe for wets and dry, aswell as no stripe for wet and dry. The branding was actually on the tyres in 2010 game files as there were less of them.

    Because of the wider range of tyres in the 2011 season, codemaster cut corners so to speak, with the mask idea.

    This is the same reason you can't really put the L & R on the tyres, if you put th R in, it will also show up on the left tyre as an R.
  5. No problem in F1 2012 :D
  6. That's strange why no-one is able to see my mod working in their game. I have attached some pictures to show it working on my end.

    hards.jpg inter.jpg softs.jpg
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  7. Without restart the game and without changed "car_gen_high.pssg" file ?
    PZERO is white on my game ...

    I have tested all tyres before start a race and I have only PZERO brand.
  8. Yes, there's no other way I can prove it too you.

    Make sure you replace the render_materials.xml with the one I provide; it's the key to making this possible.
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  9. Oh god, I have forgot to put "render_materials.xml" file sorry !

    I test now ...
  10. Looks cool but how did you actually make it???
  11. Heavily editing the render_materials.xml; adding new lines in the code and creating individual Tyre Wall Textures for each Tyre.
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  12. Like what it's always good to dig deeper into the files from Codemasters ^^ !

    If you can merged your mod with that of Rini, result will be incredible ! :)

    Congratulations !
  13. Excellent Job mate Can you implement the Tire wear blur to this Mod???
  14. Wow.....this is a really good job you have done here, congrats mate. :)

    And i agree with Italien83, if this was merged with Rini's mod it would be perfect :eek: (assuming it doesn't effect playing online in any way that is haha)
  15. Great job Tom,didnt think this would ever be possible, and yes if you can combine with Rinis mod (and again with his permission) it would be perfect.
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  16. Yep I agree, would be great to have this mod combined with Rinis mod!
  17. Thanks. you made a huge step foward.:cool:
  18. If You Whant It In My Mod Use My Mod Whit This Mod Render_Materials.xml

    And You Got What You Whant ;)
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