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Tracks Pirate Island Track 1.0

Pirate Island Track

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  1. Great mate!
    Faça isle of man por favor!
  2. Great track, thanks.
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  3. Hello Sergio, I cant download the 1.1 patch. Can I get a hint from you what is wrong or a suggestion what to do please.
  4. Hi Sven,

    Something seems to be missing there, but I add the download link for the patch on the notes.
  5. Thanks a lot Sergio for the quick response.. Now the download worked.
  6. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

  7. A couple of impressions, since I've seen the track is scheduled for a club race and I've done some testing in the formulas :

    Reiza appears to work the best here in terms of grip. It's probably excessive even, since the grip seems alien-like at times. FEx and CART are abysmal, understeering heavily, cornering speed greatly reduced, brakes feel underpowered. These two feel broken here. V12 better, but still so-so, it's ca. 10s slower than Reiza in my exp. F3 also understeers more than usual and is more slippery than normal (especially off throttle mid corner).

    I think the track would probably need to have the grip revised or optimized to be compatible with different cars. @Patrick Giranthon ;)

    Sorry, just noticed Rupe says there's another update I need to install. Didn't have this installed while testing. Don't know if the update has any effect on the grip ?