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Pikes Peak Fun Event June 29-July 3

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by James Knowles, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    The forum where my Rallyesim stable is based is hosting a Pikes Peak Hillclimb event from June 26 (the day of the actual event) til July 3.

    If any of you are interested please read the below rules, pick your car classes, and let me know whether you wish to have a public session created on RSCenter or if you wish to submit HTMLS. Depending on interest I'll set up sessions as we do for rally club on Friday July 1, Saturday July 2 and Sunday July 3.

    Link is directly below, but I have reprinted the rules way below. Would love to have you aboard.




    1st Annual CMS Pikes Peak Hillclimb - Sign up Here! June 26 / July 3rd

    Champion Motorsports is proud to annouce the 1st Annual CMS Pikes Peak Hillclimb (based on RSRBR and Richard Burns Rally) to be held June 26-July 3

    There will be three classes of competition:

    1) 2WD-GpN1-3 GpA5-7 (exc. A7S), GpR, F2000, GT10 and VHC/GpH

    2) 4WD Production- Groups N4, N4S, A7S

    3) 4WD Open-A8, A8W and Group B

    -Competitors may compete in a maximum of two classes.

    -Car choice for each class must be declared before runs are started.

    -Competitors must also provide a preferred time slot for performing public session runs when indicating car choice.

    -Submission of HTML files in lieu of public sessions may be allowed but permission must be obtained in advance.

    -Competitors are allowed three runs. The fastest time of the three runs will count in final placings.

    Software requirements are as follows:

    -Installation of Richard Burns Rally (RBR)

    -RSRBR 2011 installation (rallyesim.fr - Afficher le sujet - RSRBR2011 Edition) and all mandatory updates (3,5) (rallyesim.fr - Voir le forum - RSRBR Updates)

    -BTB USA stage pack (rallyesim.fr - Afficher le sujet - BTB U.S.A)

    Thanks for your interest!
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  2. I'll be interested in this for sure, more details on car, time ect. forthcoming..... :)
  3. I'll join as well.
    N4_2 - Subaru Impreza N11
    N3_1 - MG ZR 160

    Will join any session.
  4. Cheers to each of you.

    Let me see how many jump on board. Looks as if I am limited to having three active sessions at a time and will need to be crafty...
  5. Hehe, welcome to the session juggling club :)

  6. Now I understand why certain rules are in place :D
  7. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff

    This sounds like fun, I'll take a look at it tomorrow and make my desicion :)
  8. I`m defo up for this, looks like i`m not quiet done with my group N scooby just yet.

    rushes off to get practicing :D
  9. I'll try to have a go at this if I can squeeze in the time.
    Pikes Peak is a great Rally Stage, and quite well done in RSRBR. The scenery alone is worth the drive, it gets more spectacular as you climb the mountain. You will think you are on the moon by the end. :cool:
  10. I will join too :) Peugeot 205 T16 along with Subaru N14
  11. I'll take the Mk2 Escort (VHC) and the Delta S4 (Gp. B)

    When are the sessions running?
  12. ill have a whirl (hopefully) as well.
  13. In order to give everyone sufficient time to do their runs I am thinking of starting OC and EU sessions as per Rally club beginning tomorrow through Sunday.

    Europe Start: 19:00 GMT Thursday-Sunday
    Oceania Start: 10:30 GMT Thursday-Sunday

    That would give evreryone 4 opportunities in each zone. If there is interest I can create US session as well if ther is interest.

    I'll post session names and times on this thread when they are created-password will be the current RD password.

    I'll also welcome HTMLs sent to me by email.

    Sound good to everyone?
  14. Sending HTMLs means as many runs as you'd like. I'm of course assuming nobody would tamper with the values themselves :)
  15. thanks James, i`ll probebly run in the Sunday EU slot with the N14 URT Scooby and probebly a group B car, but will post then here when i`ve decided.
  16. I'm hoping everyone is on "the up and up" here..but your point is well taken, Senad.

    Public sessions preferred if possible...
  17. Will probably join Nigel in Sunday EU, I'm flexible.

    Senad Subasic (mfodor) - Sunday EU - Subaru Impreza N11 (N4_2), MG ZR 160 (N3_1)
  18. you could try my N14 setups on your scooby, just change the 6 to 3 ie:- 6slot2 URT Dry Gravel Long Gears change it to 3slot2 N11 Gravel Long Gears :)
  19. Now keep in mind you will need to run two sessions if you wish to have two entries.

    I'm putting three runs per session.

    Have I confused anyone?
  20. Will do, cheers :good:

    Ah, okay, I'm free in every EU session, so I'll jump in with someone else.