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Released Pikes Peak Climb v1.21

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by zaxxon, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. I have uploaded a new version of the Pikes Peak climb. It has minor changes from the 1.20 version.

    Download page

    - I have added 10000 new trees. They are behind the tree-walls so they are not quite visible, but I think they improve the track.
    - The terrain inside some hairpins (second part of the track) has been lowered and smoothed.
    - I have changed a little the texture of the terrain that touches the road on the second part of the track. Now it is less green.

    If you don't like the new trees you can easily replace the trees object's list in the Venue.xml with the list of version 1.20. It should work.

    Video of version 1.15 (last one is 1.22)
  2. I keep getting a D3DXLoadMesh error regarding Grass002, as well as two missing objects. I saw you have encountered the problem before. How do you get around this? When I try to run the track I get strange stretched textures that go all over the place wherever the trees are. However I can still play the track (and it's wonderful at that!). I tried to PM you, but seems I need 15 posts before doing that.... I hope to hear from you!
  3. I haven't got a fix for the errors with the mesh of two objects (two instantes of a small fence from the Great Britain's XPACK). I created a simple track this small fences and the problem was also there, so I think it is not my fault.

    But I don't have problems with textures streched and I have played my track in at least 4 different PCs.

    Sorry for the delay on answering. I have just read your post.
  4. This is a awesome Ride Zaxxon, Thanks man for your great effort..

    dream Extreme

    ps.. I have the same funny loading error, But none visual errors when driving.. It's great..
  5. anyone got a movie up, so I can watch it...I'm away from my pc and would like to see this track

    advance thanks
  6. I have updated the first message of this thread with a video of version 1.15. The look is not the same as version 1.22 but it is the only video available.
  7. thank you, passing the word out to friends with RBR
  8. Looks like I'll have to test the stage! Thanks for your work!
  9. Where can I get the compiled track for RBR? I am using RSRBR2010 which has this stage listed but when I run it, RSRBR says Stage1 File not present...

    What gives?

  10. aha! cheers mate! :D
  11. Sorry I can't help you as I am not an rFactor user.
  12. added small patch for correcting grip level and conflicted cams were reomoved...overwrite old ones...look my previous post abowe

    Edit: use V1 cams...due i dont know why patch cams dont work