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Physics Flags

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Dave Tred, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Is there a list or table anywhere of what flag does what in racer i.e. flag 4 = surface im writing a report and need to add it in.


  2. You might have to work them out from TrackEd, load a track and press F4 to get to object info, if you Shift+left click an object, it'll tell you the names of that object's flags. (and also has buttons to toggle flags)
  3. Also remember the flag value you input is the sum of the flags set.

    So if collide is 2 and surface is 4, then the flag set is actually 6 (2+4)

  4. yeh ive already written that in my report ive just got a table sitting there waiting for flag numbers and what they do :) this report is killing me dave, id rather do another track!
  5. Just put 'refer to racer.nl' hehe...

    Seems kinda silly re-collating development data that is just a racer.nl google search away.

    Though if you invest time making a table be sure to share the data here. Perhaps Ruud could then store his data for flags in a table which may be more useful in future?!

    Good luck with it Dave!