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Physics Fine-Tuning MOD FINAL

Brand new physics, complex simulation and challenge against the AI

  1. Giovaneveterano submitted a new resource:

    Physics Fine-Tuning MOD - Balance and competition against the AI

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  3. downloaded and tried for few minutes ,only trial crono mod on mugello and have noticed that the new brake system is a little bit strange for my choice, i'm little bit strong on brakes cause my tipical drive is with strong front suspensions and brakes aggressive for no long than use too mutch the rear brake on the curve, so have some problems with the front i' can not explain in english cause is not my language, it's like the front start to skipping up and down quickly must try more for other info
  4. First, thanks for your feedback. You can explain your problem in your own language sending me a private message, I will try to translate it back into italian :thumbsup:
  5. ma se sei italiano te lo spiego e poi lo traduci direttamente qui, in pratica siccome ho una guida un po' aggressiva tendo ad avere il davanti della moto molto rigido per frenare molto in entrata e poi usare il freno posteriore nella curva, mi succede che quando freno la moto comincia saltellare su e giu' come un pendolo velocemente, in gergo "sbacchetta" e tende a sottosterzare molto col davanti nonostante il mio set up sia sovrasterzante per poter frenare molto col posteriore durante le curve spero di essermi spiegato bene piu' tardi provero' qualche gara per vedere il comportamento
  6. Valencia Motogp Qualifying Results
    MotoGP15X64 2015-11-18 17-28-16-74.png
    MotoGP15X64 2015-11-18 17-18-06-13.png
  7. I downloaded it as I like new mods for this game. The driving feels very good, acceleration seems smoother and there's no glitch between 1st and 2nd gear which I hate in this game. But the biggest problem is the lean, it's waaaaay too smooth. If you watch GP riders, they switch from left to right pretty quickly, now with this mod it;s impossible. This smooth lean is nice when you want to set a one good fast lap but sucks in the race when you must sometimes react quickly. Keep the good job going on and can't wait to see v 1.0 :)
  8. I'll keep in mind that. Thanks for the feedback
  9. Bellissima mod una curiosita dato che uso tutto su pro ma uso le frecce per abitudine penso che modificarle in base a questa mod si impossibile giusto?
  10. I agree with Tomcat. The rear tire grip seems too low and makes driving not enjoyable. I like what you have done with the front and breaking.
    Keep it up!
  11. Try previous version (0.9.2), there shouldn't be the problem there.
    I will post an update asaic
  12. Tried the mod and I like the new braking and behavior of the bike its way more realistic. Love the shifting between 1, 2, 3 gear the AI is much much better and as some others have stated before me I think that the rear tier doesn't have enough grip which maybe more realistic but makes it quite difficult to accelerate when coming out or going around a corner. Overall I love where this mod is going and it has great potential. Brilliant work and I can't wait for an update ! :D
  13. Guys I want to share with you my problems: a lot of you say that the rear grip is not enought. The problem is the AI riders accelerate really slow during lean so it's too easy to overtake them after a corner.
    I'm looking for the best balance between good feeling with the bike and AI competition

    EDIT: anyway I will continue to share with you my updates. Name 1.0 will come only when you'll fully satisfied
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  14. i´ve done a lot of gameplay with both versions(v0.9.3 and v0.9.3.1) even on version v0.9.3 the bike lacks rear grip,i find this version better on bike physics(bike under heavy braking,the rear gets really loose) i like a lot,in real life,the bike beahaves like that.....so for now i´ll stuck to version v0.9.3....it´s nice to have both options,that way each one choose´s the better option for him.......thanks for the time you´ve spend making this mod :D
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  15. Tried 9.3.1 and I really like it. Now the rear end is more stable but still make you work more in respect to the original version of the game.
    I really have to improve my lap times 'cause the AI does not let me win by 10 seconds any more... :)
    A final question. From the inboard camera, when you brake there is a small delay before the front of the bike fades. Braking is fine, actually great feeling, is just the visual that is affected. I assume this is on purpose.
  16. Camera delay is not intentional. I think this behaviour is caused by the increased inertia I gave to the bike.
    I have no idea.
    Anyway thanks for the feedback and enjoy