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Mods PEUGEOT SPORT 306 maxi 1997-1998 livery 2.1

skin livery mod F2 kitcar 306 maxi 4kHD Panizzi Delecour

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  1. version 1.0 Screen shots
    2015-07-04_00052.jpg 2015-07-04_00053.jpg 2015-07-04_00054.jpg 2015-07-04_00055.jpg 2015-07-04_00056.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2015
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  2. Can you please tell me how to get the skin into the game. I can download into my download folder but don't know then how to get it in the game. Can you please help. Many thanks.
  3. 1.Find a directory of 306 Maxi livery 5.
    C\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\models\306\Livery_41

    2.Backup your original files.

    3.Download, unzip & place files into game directory.

    4.Play GAME and select 306 Maxi Livery 5(Car No.21 white body color).

  4. How do you back up the original files. Sorry not very good with this sort of stuff.
  5. Please copy the folder "livery_41" to the appropriate folder.
  6. As usual, great livery!

    Kudos to you!
  7. Thanks!:)
  8. Sorry to bother you. I have downloaded the file unzipped it and dragged and dropped
    It into file 41 high and low textures. Played the game but I still get just a plain white car.
    Any suggestions please.
  9. Kenny, the icon of the car in game (by car selection menu) stays white, choose this white car and then on stage, you will see that the car is has the correct skin
  10. Hi.
    My car is still white on the stage. I am wondering if I have missed something out.
  11. Can anybody help with the above please.
  12. Please overwrite the 306_tex_high_41.pssg that you downloaded to the original 306_tex_high_41.pssg.
  13. Hi. What ever I seam to do does nothing in game. I have downloaded the file . Unzipped it then dragged and dropped into the
    game file 306 livery 41 . Then start the game and the car is still white on stage. I have tried other liverys but still the same.
    I must be doing something wrong. Please can somebody help.
  14. Where do you put the downloaded files?
    You have to put it in your (...)/Steam/steamapps/common/DiRT Rally/cars\models/306/livery 41

    The "textures_high" in the textures_high" folder and
    the "textures_low" in the "textures_low" folder.
  15. Hi .
    I have done that as well but still got the plain white car in game. Will try again. Thanks.
  16. --------
    There is already a file of the same name at this location.
    Please click the held file.

    1. substituted move.
    It will replace the files in the folder of destination on the source of the file.

    2. do not move.
    Any files does not change. It does not change the next file in the folder of destination.

    3. move but to hold both files.
    Move the file will be changed to a file named "306_tex_high_41 (2) .pssg".
    Do not you have chosen 3 Did you mean?
    You must choose 1.
  17. version 1.9 screenshots.

    2015-07-10_00068.jpg 2015-07-10_00070.jpg 2015-07-10_00075.jpg 2015-07-10_00069.jpg

    2015-07-11_00001.jpg 2015-07-11_00002.jpg 2015-07-11_00005.jpg
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