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Skins Peugeot F1 Team (Random Sponsors!) 1.1


  1. wow. that was quick :confused: :D
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  2. i worked on it all night :D. Do you like it?
  3. decent job, but sure needs a tweak and fix a little :thumbsup:
    especially on airbus on sidepods which is mirrored.
  4. that airbus logo cant be flipped. its in the programming but i removed the text in the new update and made the logo black :)
  5. i'm aware of that. i made a few skins for F1 2013 before so surely i know what you mean. :)
    the Airbus logo on that side won't be flipped but the text will. because the UV maps of that part fitted for the logo which have no sense of change. (in short, if you know how Shell logo flipped, there would be no massive change)
    keep up with your decent effort. practice makes perfect :thumbsup: