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PES 2009 or Fifa 09?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Marcel Ascher, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. pes 2009 demo is released now...
    fifa 2009 is available since yesterday...

    which soccer game do you prefare???

    the last years pro evo kicked the fifa titles, i think ;-)

    p.s. anybody played the pes 2009 demo ??

    greetz marcel
  2. Got to be fifa for me ...Its got a lot better i think over the last couple of years...Cant wait till the morning so i can go get it :)
  3. really???

    but fifa gameplay is nothin against the pes gameplay i think.. (in the past)
    but fifa 09 has very goog reviews in the german magazines
  4. Yes i think pes was better a couple of years back ..but fifa now for me and with the new one u can have 10 v 10 online so should be good ...:thumb:

    I will get it on xbox 360 tho not pc
  5. i had a 360, too. but the console broke for 2 times. then i decided to buy a ps3...
    ****.. 360 match against you would be funny ;-)
  6. Yes iv got a ps3 aswell much better built than 360 ..mite get it on both got a lot of friend's play it on 360 so ill get it on there first..but a few friends are geting ps3's aswell so in time i mite get it on there :)
  7. PESis still better.
  8. Kevin Ascher

    Kevin Ascher
    #47 Roaring Pipes Maniacs

  9. PES

    Fifa is a football game, PES is a game of football.

  10. After playing every FIFA since 1897, and every PES since it was called ISS, I think they've come together and in these two recent incarnations they're basically the same.

    It's gonna be an hardened fan boy who'll step up to the plate this time. Myself? I've gone FIFA after playing '09 and the lastest PES demo.

    Why? Deep down they're the same(now, not a few incarnations ago), so I've gone for the licensed side.

    Yes PES fanboys will be beside themselves with nasty 'ball physics' post, but I don't care. I've tried both and I like FIFA.

    There's room for both of course and sometimes I'll think bring on the PES, but the war will always rage on.

    FIFA for me. :)
  11. Lot of Pes fanboys in here ...:D..fifa forever hehe
  12. I've bought FIFA 09.. and I like it :D.
  13. I haven't played the new pes version yet, but with the new graphic engine it looks pretty nice. I hope that the guys from pes made a step into the right direction because it think pes 2008 was one big dissapointment.
  14. Until this year i have preferred PES, but now after playing PES2009 demo im not very convinced. The most important thing is that if they fix the broken online play, i will get it.. but somehow it seems more and more arcadish, and one important thing its too fast! Dont feel like soccer anymore. FIFA09 on the other hand.. it still has its problems, but it has improved helluva lot, and im actually preferring it over PES2008 quite a lot.. well see.. ill get both, only time will tell which one im going to play more.
  15. hey guys,
    yesterday i played the pes 2009 demo and the fifa 09 demo.
    in my opinion pes 2009 is much better than fifa....
    i played the pes demo yesterday min 2 hours (idiot i know ;-) )
    but it made so much fun... the gameplay is very very good. a little bit to fast, thats right jarkko... . and the goalkeepers are very bad, regulary they dont catch , they always drop the ball.
    but pes 09 is the soccer-king 2009 in my eyes. graphic is good, gameplay is great.
    i played the fifa 09 demo for 30 minutes... gameplay is very very bad i think, it cant be compared with pes, . pes plays in his own league..
    for me its PES again... like every year ;-)

  16. I must add though, the demo dont exactly give proper justice for FIFA09, full game is much better.. im hoping the case will be same with PES.. and oh god how i wish they finally get PES online play to work!
  17. ok jarkko. i think komami will do it ;-)
    then we will meet for a PES 09 match , Germany vs. finland, i hope ;-)
  18. lol

    we can try germany vs. finland in any hockey game instead. :D

    Finland sucks in football.. propably why i dont like it.. i just like football games. :)
  19. hehe

    ok first germany vs finland in pes 09
    and after that match, we will play NHL 09 germany vs. finland ;-)
  20. PES2008 was the greatest football game ever made to my mind - just a shame the online play let it down sooo badly.