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PC Performance issues?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by gilles13, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Hi.

    I've got AC for a while now, but i noticed that my frames dropped since the i first played the game.

    On my old Wooden laptop i could run AC with ultra low settings around 40 FPS (Don't hate xD)

    And i've got a Very solid Gaming system now build for simracing and i can't even reach 40 FPS anymore in a time trail. (Medium/High Settings) While i can run Iracing with Ultra Settings with a steady 90 FPS with a full grid of GT3 on the Green Hell...

    But here comes the weird thing. When i do a benchmark test in AC (Benchmark test has 32 AI with GT3 on Spa) And with those test my system can run above 70 FPS with eas. :O_o::O_o::O_o:

    Can anyone help me?
  2. Lyndon Hughes

    Lyndon Hughes
    Grandad Premium Member

    dont know if its any help but i was suffering with low fps with a fairly decent setup and couldnt understand why i was playing with the settings and turned off post rendering(think thats what it was called)it doubled my fps and now runs as smooth as silk

    hmm anyone tell me what post rendering is/does please
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  3. Can you tell me where to find it?
  4. Lyndon Hughes

    Lyndon Hughes
    Grandad Premium Member

    im not on my gaming pc but i think it was in settings then graphics settings if you clicked the post rendering it turned it off,it was where you put your screen resolution in
  5. post processing effects? (hdr)
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  6. Lyndon Hughes

    Lyndon Hughes
    Grandad Premium Member

    yes thats it post processing sorry gilles knew it was something like that thanks pablo
  7. gilles......i did this AC performance test several times and there are only 15 AI in the test so this is the reason for your differences in your FPS. Note: In earlier versions of this AC performance test i do remember about 30 -32 AI

    Settings: High to MAX except Shadows Med, HDR=ON, Single Monitor 1920x1080p @144hz
    Test Results: FPS AVG=82, MIN=50, MAX=103, CPU=63%
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
  8. yeah that turns all hdr effects off and leaves you with just the raw engine(?) + aa and af, so its normal to gain big chunks of fps.
    i do that for online racing just to make sure its smooth and i have enough room for fps drops
  9. I am pretty sure it has always been 15 cars, because the benchmark is just a set "recording" that the game runs through. And it has been the same since it was implemented.

    Beside that, Spa only supports 24 cars, so there was absolutely no chance this benchmark ever supported more than that.
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  10. Ah Ok.
  11. My System Specs:

    4.2GHz Processor Quad
    12 GB RAM
    2 MB Graphics Card

    That's all i know out of my head.

    It should be good enough to run AC Smoothly right?
  12. Sounds like you should be able to run it well.

    By chance... You dont have your monitor plugged into your motherboard do you? That would mean you are using your integrated gpu, and that is quite a lot weaker than a dedicated gpu would be.

    Beside that, what are your actual in game settings? Some settings seem to kill framerate more so than others.

    Specifically, try lowering reflection rendering quality & reflection rendering frequency. Both of those are MASSIVE fps hogs. You could try turning down, or turning off the post processing (found in the "effects" tab of the graphics settings), which is also a big fps hog.

    Hmm, go into a practice session with any official Kunos car and Kunos track and moce your mouse over the right side of the screen to make the apps appear. Click on the "rendering stats" app to display it on screen. Now, start driving on the track and look at what your fps is. Also look at the cpu usage %, the phys %, the fmod usage, and the B. Size.

    None of those beside B. Size should be very high. (B. Size is just the amount of VRam being used as far as Im aware) Then, load up a session with however many AI you want. Check those stats again and see if they are drastically increased or hitting 100%.
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  13. I've got no clue where i put in my monitor, there are 2 HDMI inputs.
  14. gj.jpg
  15. 2MB GRAPHICS CARD? Seriously? There is your problem.
  16. 2 GB ... my bad
  17. I have had to turn off post processing since the last update to get playable frames.
  18. Like on default? or uncheck the box?
  19. uncheck.
  20. It's obvious that your cpu is the bottleneck of your system.
    You can see 98% usage.
    I suggest to open a new thread in official AC support forum, uploading your logs and also include your exact pc configuration.
    There are detailed instructions and people and devs that they will help you.
    Good luck.
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