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Misc Performance 2016 1.1

Some modified handling file

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  1. Conservation work will be ?
  2. How would I install this mod?
  3. Bob,
    Just copy the f1_2015_vehicle_package folder into your F1_2015 Directory...back-up your original folder beforehand:)
  4. Love this mod, can you please make manor and McLaren Honda just a little bit faster, maybe 20 hp more, can you tell me what programme you use to edit the files and can u leave a download link for the programme? Thanks
  5. doberjam updated Performance 2016 with a new update entry:

    Performance 2016

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Can you please make McLaren Honda a little bit quicker, thanks
  7. stadlereric

    Premium Member

    i copied over but now i can't start a session. just says "loading complete"
  8. loading compete and can't you go on .... you are the first...so, restart game with original files. If it doesn't start could be some other mod or texture livery you have installed.
  9. hello i was really excited about new horse power,the issue i encountered dunno if related your mod or my system annyway,i had original game w/o any change and i nmelbourne 4 example in legend mode i used to qualify in 1.25.800 with mercedes and 1.26.400 with ferrari,now with your handling i am 1 second lower with 200 horses more power how can it be? and also in the download theres only folders with cars handling anything else related excel values etc as u mentioned.if u have any idea why i am more slower any hint r appreciate.
  10. Hi nath, excel file was in first version 1.0 without inertia mod, description in ver 1.1 is a copy of previus version. In my game I play expert mod driving 2" / 2".500 , less than original handling, just like 2016. Sorry, but I haven't answer. Do you use grip mod ?
  11. awaiting bahrain uppdate