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Perez signs for McLaren!!

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Chris Hempsall, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. What a shake up! Wow! Can't believe this all came to light in a matter of hours.

    I've always liked Button and having Perez partner him is great. Although my love for Ferrari will always remain, McLaren will now be a very VERY close second.
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  2. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    Button and Perez will be a good combination
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  3. Very happy for Perez, he's really had a good year and shown some great racing. I think the McLaren will fit him nicely. Looks like a strong team for next year if they can get a good car out on track.
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  4. Wonder if that's a misrake for Ferrari or they have something bigger for 2014 (or even 2013?)...
  5. So Happy For Checo His hard work is paying off :)
    He deserve a seat in big team lets hope he get his first win in Mclaren in the Very first race
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  6. Yea congratulations Checo, i think he can beat Button on a daily basis but it will be interesting to see how that duo works together.

    Will be a strong team no doubt.
  7. Well they May or May not have a best start as a team but they can do Brilliant Things
    After 7 years of time i can Resume my Support to Mclaren
    Also a Tough Competition for Sebastian, Fernando, Kimi and Jenson from the New Talent
    Lets see How Checo Performs in the New team
  8. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Great news and good scoop Mr Hempsall.
    Perez deserves a race winning car (no disrespect to Sauber). He seems to have "the magic". It would have been a shame to not let him have a shot at WDC.
    Hamilton is a great racer and him at M/Benz will be an exciting prospect. MB just need to have 1/3 the improvement into next season that they showed into this season (remember where they were 2 seasons ago!) and it will be great racing.
    Exciting stuff.

    EDIT: McLaren have in my view the perfect blend now of youth and speed and experience and race craft.
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  9. Guess Mclaren now don't need to spend as much on tyres.......:D I think this will be a very strong combination, lets hope it all goes well!!
  10. Exactly David Mclaren now had a Good and Young driver in their Hands
    All they need is to make groom him as much as they can and Make him one of best Mclaren drivers
  11. For How Many years Perez deal was done??
  12. Ferrari said "He is too inexperienced" (although I think we all know what he really meant). If McLaren and Perez have a succesful year next year, Ferrari will be very pissed (as we know Perez was a Ferrari academy driver, wasn't he?) and I will laugh my ass off. But we will see, as always only time will tell. There is only 5,5 months until the new season. :)

    Anyway, he truly deserves a spot in the front-running team, hopefully he'll do well.
  13. More than one..
  14. really.. 3 podiums gets you a seat @ Mclaren?

    3 podiums nevers gets you a Ferrari sit, it never does and it was a very good move from them...

    as for Mclaren they are **** in terms of winning the constructors against RBR.

    RBR might as well claim the Title now for 2013.

    ...thats my team point of view, but for Segio himself good job, clearly a top tier team wanted you. sooo good job.

    to the team. LOL.
  15. happy for Perez, bad move for Lewis, but we're see.

    im wondering where Schumi will go?
  16. tjc


    Interesting moves all round...

    I think Perez will do well at McLaren not so sure about Hamilton going the Mercedes though but I could be proved wrong I suppose...
  17. 2 year deal from what i´ve read.
  18. Rumour is Peter Sauber will offer him a contract.