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PC Penalty and Corner Cutting in Project Cars

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by HypoToad, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. I love Project Cars I really do but there is one thing that irritates me to no end and it's the stupid penalty system with corner cutting.

    Put even half a wheel over the curb - lap time invalidated!

    Another car bumps you and you let one wheel off the track, - lap time invalidated!

    This is really annoying when trying to do hot laps, you come to the last corner , your ahead of the ghost car and your car slides a few inches and - lap time invalidated.

    On a track like nordschleife it's so annoying, I wonder if they have plans to either let you switch this off completely or relax it a bit?
  2. Its the same for everyone in Time Trial - so why do you complain?
    There are strict track limits - so what? Just stay within it ...
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  3. I see real race cars in qualifying and they slide off the side of the track with no penalty, so why us?

    I understand if it's corner cutting and you gain an advantage but on the outside of the corner there is no advantage, in fact it's a disadvantage. SMS have got it wrong on this one.

    "F1 rules dictate that a driver is not allowed to gain an advantage by going off the track."
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  4. There are also a few tracks that allow far too much cutting and is a big advantage for those drivers who choose to ignore official FIA rules.
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  5. At Imola there's lots of places where you can go outside of the white lines without penalty, warnings and so on.
  6. This racing game has classes which do not fall under FIA Rules (ie. roads cars)
  7. Agree, but the majority of race classes depend on some form of cutting rules besides FIA. :)
  8. True :D Still you also often see in the FIA cutting rules to be ignored ... ie. F1 2015 Spa
  9. One thing I don't like is when you've been hit by another driver and go off the track you get 5 , 10 or 15 seconds penalty .