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Pedals - Buy CSV2 now or wait for PST-PT1?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andy Thompson, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. I'm in the market for new pedals and I guess I'm after some opinions on the CSV2 pedals and peoples experiences with them. As the ProtoSimTech PT1 hasn't been released yet it's difficult to make real world comparisons but I can look at specs at least. Do I wait or just go Fanatec?

    I'm going to get the Fanatec shifter and handbrake so would be easy to add the pedals to the order and life would be easier. But...

    I like the PT1's design. I like the adjustable pedal plates and the upright pedal rest position. The PT1 doesn't seem to have any oil dampers and doesn't mention on-the-fly brake adjustment though. Really required? The PT1 has that custom feel that I like but without testing them side by side it's difficult to really know.

    Fanatec price including shipping comes to £282.50
    PT1 price without shipping comes to £254.02, but I guess they are in America though it doesn't say anywhere on their website where they are from. These may end up costing more delivered to the UK?

    Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. Yes PT1's are in the USA, and yes shipping might run you a pretty penny, and i guess you wold get dinged with VAT's on that too ? I have also been tempted by the PT1' but To date My CSP V2's have been faultless, 2 years and 1 load cell later they are working as they did on day 1.
  3. Thanks for your input.

    Just made an import tax calculation which includes shipping and VAT. The total cost to my front door will be £433.51 for the PT1.

    A bit depressing really. I really wanted to own something different to the rest but that's £150 more. Can the PT1 justify that?
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  4. Great pedals but even the refurbished units are considerable £££.

    I'm very much a casual racer in terms of seat time but serious in terms of my passion for it. So I'm trying to strike the balance between cost and quality.
  5. Fanatec is the solution, Proper Immersion for a proper price. Quality gear isn't cheap no matter which way you look at it.