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Pedal/Shifter update advice

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by caeDeZz, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Hey there,

    Im usually driving with my somewhat old Driving Force GT and didnt do a lot driving lately.
    As I want to start it again I wanted to update my gear a little bit, so especially the pedals (for a clutch and a better break feeling aka loadcell) and maybe a shifter.
    As I looked at that some time ago I actually wanted to buy the CSR Elite Pedals already but as I see on the Fanatec page right now theyre not available sadly, will they come back anytime?
    Didnt find anything to that... if not are there pedals you can recommend me in that price segment?
    I actually didnt want to cross the 100€ mark for it, as Im not a professional driver yet but I want to get as close to the realistic feeling as possible.
    In case of a shifter I dont really have an overview there really, any recommendations there in a good but low price segment?

    Thanks in advance
  2. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium Member

    Get a G25 or G27 and sell that DFGT, you'll get everything you're looking for + a nice wheel upgrade on a budget. ;)
  3. Thats maybe an option yea, but G27 pedals aren`t really comparable to csr elites, are they?
    What about the new g29? oh well, doesn`t have a shifter included as I see
  4. Get a Thrustmaster TX or T300. FFB is better and you can change wheel rims, Like the 599x, it's larger. :) just my opinion.
  5. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium Member

    Forget the G29, it's a redesigned G27 without the shifter. And you're right, Fanatec and Logitech are on different levels, but you can get a whole setup (wheel + three pedal base + shifter) for the price of a Fanatec pedal set alone. And I think the CSR Elite won't come back, as there's the new CSL Elite to replace it.

    But you'll need a TH8A as well for that, and the OP started off from a pedal upgrade on a budget. My advice was for getting even more for the same money that he'd spend on pedals alone.
  6. That sounds like a good budget option definitely, what if I could afford the extra money on the T300 + T3PA pedals + TH8A Shifter though, would it be worth it?
  7. PicoBp

    #26 | HSRC - Banzaaaiii Touring Car Crew Premium Member

    Absolutely, just see my sig. :) Been through MOMO -> DFGT -> G27 and now using the T300 Ferrari Integral Alcantara edition (T300 + 599xx EVO 30 rim + T3PA). For the shifter I chose the SHH 7R though as it's just better value for the money and can switch between H-pattern/sequential mode with a twist of the stick. ;)
  8. Alright, after a few more research I decided to just go for the T300, TH8A and T3PA as with the G27 I would get to a point I would want to upgrade again. The SHH 7R looks nice, would cost the same as the TH8A for me though with shipping.
    Thanks to you guys
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