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Apps PDash 1.5.4

A highly customizable multi window dash

  1. pandar1 submitted a new resource:

    PDash - A highly customizable multi window dash

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  2. how do I change the size?
  3. Edit the config.ini in skins\default1 under general section, scale parameter
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  4. thanks :)
  5. Can it be changed to show MPH tried changing that in config.ini didn't work still showed KPH
  6. Yes, it can be changed to mph, I will check if it works ok
  7. Checked, here works... Have you changed the uom param in the speedometer section? Any uom other than KPH should trigger MPH
  8. I changed uom = from KPH TO MPH under speedometer section if that's what you mean but in game it still showed KPH.
    However for some reason when I click on the app in game it no longer shows on screen even though its highlighted the icon to the right....strange!
  9. Someone reported problems with the included version of siminfo.py file, your problem seems quite different, do you have tyre wear working or it is at 0% at start?
  10. Tyre wear is set to 1x
  11. No, check if tyre wear indicator in app is at 0% at start.. The 4 numbers under tyres temp are the wear, if they are at 0 you have a problem with siminfo and I can send you another version that solved the problem... If it's at 100 or 99 it's ok, in that case do the usual troubleshooting, check cache through steam, disable all other apps from assettocorsa general menu and let me know
  12. Ok see what you mean problem is the app wont now appear on screen when i select it from the right so can't check that.
  13. please attach you logs zipped here or send them to me in private message
  14. jelgezabal


    Supreme app!!! very very useful and clear, I love it! could be perfect, if you could choose flash only when you have to change gear at max rpm, not when you change gear up or down... could it be?
    How could I make this? thanks!
  15. I have answered in your review, the red zone flash is ready and I will release it very soon...
  16. jelgezabal


    That´s would be perfect!!! when when when??? jajaja... thank you for your time, your great work and your app!!!
  17. Maybe this evening ;)
  18. jelgezabal


    Ok! waiting eager and solicitous!!! ;):D
  19. Looks like I've sorted it, just simply re-installed the app changed it to MPH in the .ini Now shows in game and now showing MPH. plus tyres are at 100%
    Thanks for your help and quick replies....great app.
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  20. pandar1 updated PDash with a new update entry:

    Rev Flash

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