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Apps PDash - Gran Turismo 2 HUD 0.2

PDash - Gran Turismo 2 HUD

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  1. thank you =)
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  2. Ok, I had to install PDash first. LOL

    And on the readme.txt it says "manster_config.ini" instead of "master_config.ini". I was going crazy!!! :)

  3. where's"master-config.ini," located?
  4. ...\Assetto Corsa\apps\python\PDash\cfg

  5. Thanks.
  6. is this still supported i cant get it to run
  7. I think of you and then look again that you update the app with the addition of new modules, so as to complete my skin
  8. i am confused. does the gt2 work? or does it need to be updated? does it work now with pdash?
  9. yes