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Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Rickard Norgren, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. This is a exellent tool when you want to make changes with the tyres on pit menue when driving a race.
  2. that i have but did not found out how to change anything with it o.O i use it with Race/RF and GTR2
  3. Click the "\" key and you will see the pit menu.
  4. just wish he would fix, so race dont crash everytime you alt-tab, it will happen when XD is in the folder, dosent matter if its running or not
  5. as there is a new patch coming verry soon for Race no need to fix it now :) and with disabeling the online comunity of steam it is temp fixed
    and the game wont crash anymore under alt tab :)
  6. how do i change that? i really only use steam to buy games.
  7. start steam -----> on the lower bar click on option -----> use the "in game" tab and uncheck stem comunity :)
  8. yeah found it, and having no issues now.... thanks Mr. herrmann :cool:
  9. Hi
    Question about mapping pitstop keys.
    I change key for change screen("\") from Display to Pit-Strategy (now "H") but I don`t no how to change arrows to letters (w,s,a,d).
    If this is possible - how?


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