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PCR League - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by RASCAL 888 CT, May 1, 2015.

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  1. Hello everybody I will be hosting a project cars league 3 times a week and a f1 Grand Prix every Sunday starting from 17th of may if any one is interested please comment below cheers my Xbox one gamer tag is RASCAL 888 CT. I will have a list of players that are interested in doing this to make numbers up. Every one is welcome to join its for the community I am looking for a few trusted people must be mature to post the stats after every race as will be hosting a few different races if intrested please can we talk about this cheers.


    1-RASCAL 888 CT (main host of lobby's
    2-Itz chieffy
    3-acm nesta l 13
    7-Itz jammmy
    11-bigg nasty 187
    12-boss racer x
    14-ll Josh ll

    I will be posting a lot more about this game once I have had a good look what's on the game any one is welcome to join I want clean racing no ramming or smashing or you will be banned every race and every host will send me clips of the replays.
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  2. Yes bud I will be up for this if enough interest gamer tag itz chieffy
  3. This host has run various leagues before and been in one of the best racing teams on race driver grid he is a great host and a great laugh if you want a good league this is the guy for them
  4. Yes rascal 888 ct...i remember the good old grid days on 360....im definatly joinin m8

    Just for everyones interest..Rascal 888 ct is a great guy and a qulity racer if he is gunna run a racing league you want to be init !

    Can not wait !!
  5. im in
  6. What's your gamer tag ?
  7. DANDAN140787
  8. Just to let you no mate spread the word around friends family any one that would be great I will add you on Xbox mate

    All ideas would be good but I will be exploring the game for a few days and post up events

    Please choose a driver of your choice and what team. it can be any team you can race for must choose out the f1 choice what they run for the f1 and must stay with the drivers name and the team mate through out the season. these events are run on a Sunday but will wait till I get enough intrest
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  9. I would like to join the league too.. My gamer tag on Xbox is: KozaNostra3
    Regards F1, can I choose Ferrari even tho someone has already put down their name for it? Also F1 cars in PCars are from 2011 if I remember right, so do we choose teams and drivers presuming we are in 2011 or from a current season?
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  10. Two people has chosen ferrari dude I'm a bit busy at the mo and I will put a list of drivers up.


    Choose any driver any team apart from ones listed already taken

    I will add you later dude
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  11. Ok cool. I choose - Fernando Alonso - McLaren
  12. Ok mate nice one spread word round to your mates please.
  13. F1 in pCARS is not a true F1 replica of any specific F1 season. It's SMS's interpretation of a F1 style car called "Formula A". With that, there are no Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes teams within Formula A. There are team skins, but they are fictional teams.
  14. Oh I see, it's just that I watched "VVV" video yesterday, I think he mentioned it's based on 2011 cars :) nevermind, as long as they are in the game :)
  15. Yeah I no but that's just the team name nothing to do with the real f1 but it just makes it a bit better to add into. Just remeber its only a game and I thought I will just add this in.

    I understand there fictional skins and team but I'm just adding a few bits in.
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  16. His reference is more towards the rules set so it's built around the rules that were used around the 2011 season but it's not a direct replica of any specific F1 car.
  17. Ok, thanks for a clear explanation ;)
  18. I am new here and will have a lot to prove, but I'd like to consider myself quick enough to run with you guys. I'd like you to consider me for entry into this league. I have project cars just sitting on my HD, and a Thrustmaster TX waiting patiently.
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  19. My GT is "Bigg Nasty187". I'd like to drive for McLaren as Alonso. Boss Racer X will take buttons spot. He should be posting his entry on here soon.
  20. I would also like to race in the league.
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