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PCC @ Eastern Creek Friday September 5th 2008

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Patrick van Driel, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Class: PCC 2007 Download mod
    Track: Eastern Creek Here
    Start: 18.30 GMT
    Practice: 60 minutes
    Qualification: 30 minutes
    Races: 40 laps
    Pitstops: 1 Mandatory
    Server: RaceDepartment.com PCC
    Password: Here

    Post in this thread if you want to join this PCC Night!

    1 Patrick van Driel
    2 Grant Daly
    3 Andrew Evans
    4 Florian Goubaud
    5 Zbigniew Tomczak
    6 Yoeri Gijsen
    7 Razvan Pat
    8 Daniel Beck
    9 Toni Talvitie
    10 Neil Gardner
    11 Antoine Morin
    12 Julien Dufresnes
    13 Olaf Mechau
  2. Bugger, I'm going to be away that weekend. :frown:
  3. To bad m8, must be one of your favorite tracks :)
  4. Ooohhhh Yeahhhh You better Believe it Baby..
    Gotsta Give me Da PCCAU #55 :D
  5. yes now, i'm in for this one!
  6. The last was very fun!! Add me!
  7. I`m in :)
  8. Done ! :thumb:
  9. How ever, i´m in Patrick :thumb:
  10. Sign me in please..
  11. Your in guys :D
  12. Wohoo! More PCC-fun :becky:
    I´m in :thumb:
  13. Yes you are :D
  14. im in
  15. Ok boss :cool:
  16. Hi Patrick, my holidays are ended, i'm back again :D
    please sign me in :thumb:
  17. Oh yes - I may be in NZ, but this falls on a Saturday morning so I can make it! Sign me up please!

    Cheers - N
  18. Done!, welcome back Alessandro :)
  19. I might be able to join but its mums Birthday! so i will see ;) it will be nice to make my R Factor Debut ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.