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Pcars still Gmotor?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Msportdan, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Msportdan

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    is it using this engine like RF GSce etc..

    title should be "pcars using gmotor" sorry
  2. martinsalat


  3. It uses a modified version of the Shift 2 Unleashed engine. I can't remember the exact name of it though.
  4. And Shift 2 used some modified version of that engine.
  5. Just like iRacing runs on an upgraded NR2003 engine...just saying.
  6. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I use my Race07 control set with Shift and the early build of pCars.
  7. It's also worth mentioning that just like the other engines out there, the Madness engine is modular and can thus have all or some of it's parts rewritten from scratch, which is what has been done for instance for the tire model. It has literally zero % code from the Shift series. Same with the some of the other physics stuff like more complex suspension and differential model. Not sure about how
    they've done the 4 wheel drive stuff but as I remember it they had to upgrade that stuff too.

    The FFB topology is also completely new and comes now 100% straight from the tire+spindle arm (and the player gets to finetune the angle in car setup) into your wheel. They'll probably add the canned gear shifts and jolts things though.. but it will be possible to run 100% physics based FFB if you want to. The old Shift titles had a mix of straight-from-tire and "canned" effects, like slip angle (pretty much identical to what you can select in Assetto Corsa as an added effect), rumble strips, jolts and gear shifts.

    On the graphics side of things, the most notable new addition is the weather/environment simulation which is brand new.

    The AI is also brand spanking new and the early signs are very promising!!
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  8. Post like this make me hope it's good and put my mind at ease knowing at least won't feel like 'Grid' or 'Shift'. The FFB sounds promising, I'm sure it will be better than the 'GT6' FFB I think is awful. To me the 'Assetto Corsa' FFB is much better but I just couldn't get used to using a racing wheel without feeling the yaw and the wheel didn't seem to know the torque I was applying or the inertia it had.
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  9. While I do like the Grid titles and not so much the Shift titles I can say PCARS is way more simulation based then those two titles while also including some of the game style flavors that you might find in those other two titles. It is the intent to reach the largest number of users as possible on all modern current generation platforms. If you have a broad level of taste for racing games you will be sure to enjoy this.
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