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pCars demo?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Ho3n3r, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Will us normal people ever get a taste of this game? A demo, a trial, anything?
  2. Demo had been promised.
  3. Its on its way soon
  4. Any idea whn, or id that still unknown?
  5. Yeah, i'm waiting for a demo too, i don't trust this game, seems arcadish to me, of course i need to test it before i eventually buy it...
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  6. A demo of a PC game in A.D. 2014? Wow, that's going to be something new... :cautious:
  7. I wouldn't expect a Demo until after release but, never say never.
  8. rfactor 1 and 2, game stock car extreme, x motor racing, fifa, pro evolution soccer.

    btw, don't try to download any possible "pirate" game of p.cars from the internet, they are all fake. I never tried one, but project cars pirated game is as fake as gta 5 pc torrent game was.
  9. That's called a Torrent surely? :O_o:

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  10. Ahh - no. I'm just saying that SMS is busy getting the game ready for release.