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Pcars clever selling tactics

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Andy Jackson, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. It's very confusing what WMD members/investors will actually get at launch. I think they get a version that will have less cars than the current builds they are actually helping to build and test now. If they want extra LTD content they are being advised to buy a second copy. Doubling the income. Not a bad idea eh?

    How do you fellow WMD testers see it? Clever marketing or a cock up?

    ps, I know that I am buying it anyway.
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  2. William Wester

    William Wester

    I understood I was getting the full/finished game, not necessarily a "boxed" copy. I also paid for beta testing AC and R3E/DTM.
  3. I don't deny you understood. But members were told they could have a boxed copy. They still can, when they get the coupon to redeem at a shop. No problems eh?

    But still I think it's quite a clever move by SMS.
  4. Until I know exactly how they plan to go about it I will refrain from passing judgement, but I expect all "investors" to get the full list of cars without having to preorder to "Limited Edition".
  5. I would of thought that too. A reward like. But I doubt you will get what you want.

    Reading the WMD forum, there are some silly folks. Some of them who have spent hundreds, (all saying they did it for the good of the development and not for the investment):rolleyes: are now trying to pre-order the LE version even though their not investment will be giving them the full game after development ends. Jesus H, WMD/SMS have pulled a smart one here. They are not daft.

    They are even buying the line that the devs themselves are having to pre-order the LE version if they want the extra LE content. Hard to believe they would have to do that?

    edited, some of my words like stupid were too strong for some. Sorry.
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  6. Is this your new and friendly line?

    It's an enthusiast project. Some of the enthusiasts that enjoy it buy the LE version to get the cool metal box and the printed booklet to commemorate the project. Nothing wrong or stupid about that.

    No dev has said that. Of course they get the content. Some of them are ordering the LE to be absolutely certain they get the cool metal box and the printed booklet to commemorate the project. Nothing wrong or stupid about that.

    As it happens, and as you know, there's now a distributor that handles, well, the distribution of the product - SMS doesn't have a stack of 20.000 LE boxes in their offices. There is no conspiracy, mmkay?

    Live and let live, isn't that what you say? :)

    (Disclaimer 1: Sorry I had to shout but the volume was already turned up in here :p)
    (Disclaimer 2: Disclaimer 1 refers to an act of humour)
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  7. can anyone tell me if SMS has announced whether the "LE content" (ie CARS, not stupid steel boxes) will be available with digital orders??

    its not even available to order at all for PC here in the US, but ive been waiting to know since they announced this. i assume even if its not available at launch it will be dlc after release, but it would still be nice to actually know???
  8. ^
    Most likely.
  9. 1. No one was shouting. Calm down. Shouting is when it's all typed in capital letters. :rolleyes:
    2. Extremely funny. My ribs are aching from laughing so much. :roflmao:

    In my opinion, the investors are silly for buying the game twice just to get a silly metal box and a booklet. And yes it is a very clever marketing ploy that they have fallen for. Fantastically clever and they are falling for it.

    You will defend them whatever they do. If I said they are brilliant you would go the other way and say they were the worst. It's just how you are.

    Your friend.
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  10. Sorry, but not much information seems to be flowing out of WMD. They will say their hands are tied by the distributors regarding content and availability. We heard it all before. Then it was EA's fault. I am sure you will be happy in the end.
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  11. That was plenty loud for me to classify it as shouting...

    No. If I see an unjust, inflammatory message dedicated to disparaging our peers over at WMD, members and devs alike, then I will stand up for them. If you say they're brilliant, I'll keep shut. That's how I am.

    It's exactly the kind of posting we could all do without if we want a more friendly RD. I suggest that you (and we all) try to refrain from the systematic slighting of WMD devs and members (and anyone else not deserving it).

    Your no name friend in spe.
  12. I have not said anything inflammatory and they are not my peers.
    I think it's clever marketing. And I do think that some people are strange to buy the game twice just to get a "cool" tin and booklet.
    I actually think that WMD should of at least given all the investors the LE boxed version. But that's just my opinion.
  13. Or unlock the LE content for them in the game with a code.
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  14. Or that indeed. Perhaps they are getting the LE content cars. The info is not clear.
    But as investors and enthusiastic testers/developers, the least they should expect in my humble opinion is the boxed Limited Edition as a thank you if you are a full WMD member or above.
  15. People can spend their hard-earned cash on whatever they please without being labelled stupid. Yes some people have put in large amounts already which they may or may not get back so it's a gamble of sorts. It is my choice however as to whether to buy one copy or decorate my spare bedroom in metal dvd cases. Suggesting that it is some kind of conspiracy to force people to buy more than one copy is not the brightest thing I ever heard but I'll stay clear of the "S" word as you're entitled to your opinion.
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  16. I didn't say it was a conspiracy, so please don't make things up. I said it was clever marketing. You are also entitled to your opinion.

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  17. "Clever marketing ploy" and accusing the devs of lying about their entitlement to a hard copy despite being offered proof by AndyG smacks of claiming something is going on that's not totally above board and honourable. Whilst I agree that it would be nice to give all paying members the shiny box, there are clearly huge costs involved that make this (probably) not an option on a small budget.
  18. Get over yourself Craig Martin. It is my opinion and if they or you don't like it.........well tough.
    Again you, like the others are trolling to make trouble, I have not called anyone a liar and I have not said anything is not totally above board or dishonourable. I have merely said it's clever marketing and that is was a clever move. As for the devs not getting what ever version they want, I find that incredible to believe. But that again is my opinion.

    And again you are wrong, all the full member investors are to get coupons that they can use to buy a boxed version if they so wish. WMD have stated that right from the start. So they can afford it.
  19. I haven't the time or inclination to pick out the multitude of spiteful and spurious claims you make. A quick scan at WMD suggests you haven't posted anything actually useful in years. If you spent half as much time helping out at WMD than posting bull on here you might actually have enjoyed the process.
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  20. Just another investor trying to cause trouble eh ZYTOK? If you have nothing to say except this kind if trouble making post, please don't say anything.

    What do you mean by spiteful and spurious claims? That is a libelous accusation in its self.

    ps, I don't actually visit WMD forums very often. I have nothing to add their, I am not an investor. I have no connection. What is it you want from me? Undying loyalty or something?

    Have you posted anything useful here Zytok? Have you? Do you come here just to troll?

    Is it not possible you could just disagree in the thread and give your reasons rather than cause trouble? We can and do have friendly conversations on here normally until someone from WMD comes here to make trouble. Some of you act like you are brain washed by some cult or something.
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