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Pcars: A community divided

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Nathan Robinson, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Continuation of Part 1: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/banned-for-no-reason.47384/

    Its hard to believe a game has taken a community over like this. Now with legal proceedings, its kind of become a joke for simmers. I have been at this a while now and have never seen a game invoke so much negative and positive reaction. May the discussions continue :)

    Ps. While i continue to support pcars, i respect RD for allowing the freedom of expression to all its members.
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  2. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I consider leaving pCars for this. It's not only the forum thread but the whole aditude towards outside the WMD portal.:sick:
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  3. My opinion? Well i think it has been brought on by themselves and certain investors. I'm not gonna discuss the game as my thoughts have been made clear before with regards to it but yes the game has really divided opinions and IMO the inclusion of investments and money at the end is a big reason this game has caused so much uproar.

    No other sim have i ever seen some of the reactions you see with the pCARS crowd and money has alot to do with it. People are aware that the game needs to be seen in a decent light to make that investment worth it.

    No other game do i see people acting like they do with this title. You can go into a rF2 thread and find people dismayed with it and you will get people discussing it, both agreeing and disagreeing but not to the point like it happens with pCARS.

    People such as Micas IMO have tarnished SMS's reputation with his frankly obscene posts at times. Ok, he says he does not care how he is viewed but really if you care so much about SMS and pCARS you should care how you are viewed because the way you write and post sometimes to somebody who has no idea about the game, you can come across like you are part of SMS.

    He has at times come across as though he speaks for SMS and even stated that Ian finds his trolling antics funny. This is the sort of stuff which is going to ruin SMS and i think Micas needs to rethink his strategy when posting on forums.

    The heavy handed tactics of SMS moderators that work on several sim sites also as moderators is also a big turn off. The main reason people come here is because at these other sites they are muted and belittled if they don't share the same opinion as the moderators there. At least here people are allowed to voice an opinion on how they feel as they should be allowed without having the threads closed or being bullied and belittled by the crew
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  4. Lee, are you crazy? Put some "I thinks" and "in my views" there.

    Anyway, was a legitimate reason to jump in, but piss poor attitude of jumping in.
    Ah well, best of luck to 'em. Maybe they'll find the like screenshot as interesting as I did.
  5. LOL they gonna sue me for an opinion, pull the other one. It's clear it's my opinion and not that of the RD admin. It says IMO countless times.
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  6. Well, it clearly looks that their company head doesn't know much about communities, sadly. Maybe his inversors are happy with taking legal actions, but he is killing the reputation of the company, if you check non-biased forums, like RD or iRacing.

    Cya haters :)
  7. As i stated, i continue to support pcars, the game. I dont support the way that we are handling our business. I joined the project as an avid simracer and was excited about the idea of community developed sim. As it started to stray away from its initial promises, i still stuck by the game itself because im more of an optimist and am willing to reserve judgement till the final release. I dont understand the lawsuit against rd tho. This started out as a community assisted race sim so why would you want to sue the largest SIM community on the web. We all may have our different views of pcars and some dont care if its a sim and some do, but if we're members of this site, than we all like sims in some way. Some of us may only drive hardcore sims period where others of us will drive sims and anything else with wheels on it. I would expect sms to try to smooth over this gaffe with RD members but instead they want to alienate the members here. While a lawsuit may be right on technicalities, doesnt it seem a little over the top just to prove a point? Wouldnt it be better to reach out and make amends? I will continue to be part of the team because i enjoy the weekly builds but i surely dont support any kind of lawsuit.
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  8. If SMS sue RD I will retract my "investment". Simple.

    A pity, because I do actually like pCars quite a lot and I like how it is constantly improving. However, sueing a community forum for "defamatory comments" in my opinion is just wrong.
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  9. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    +1, and I'm someone who normally buys a simracing game just to support the devs.
  10. Why has my argument with Ian Bell all of sudden dissapeared on VirtualR over the AutoManiax debate? When he attacked and questioned my sanity etc? What is going on?
  11. Oh snap
  12. *jedi hand wave*
    There was no argument.
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  13. WOW that's some poor tactics from VirtualR and SMS. Trying to cover their tracks, every Bell post has gone in reply to me and others like when he said he would spank peoples arses etc and talked about letter bombs etc. 90% of my posts are deleted.
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  14. RobVR

    Slightly Mad Studios

    I have no idea "what's going on" but since you seem to suggest that it was removed I can tell you that that's not the case.
  15. RobVR

    Slightly Mad Studios

    As I said above, you`re talking out of your ass...again.
  16. What they have just up and left? And every Bell post has gone? What a coincidence eh?
  17. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell
    Slightly Mad Studios

    Guys, please, enough. You do realise Lee that there's 'Staff Member' beside your name. I've not said a word to Rob about any posts. Quoting me out of context again. I said 'That's terrible you should letter bomb our offices.' A clear joke that you're really misusing.

    There's been far too much staff endorsement and indeed posts from staff against us here. I asked for a false title to be amended and was refused. That's it.
  18. Yes i realise that i am a member of staff but this includes me as you attacked me when i posted an opinion for which you moaned about people being personal here. I am a race member of staff, not a moderator and i speak for myself and not RD.

    Why have they all been removed
  19. Ian Bell

    Ian Bell
    Slightly Mad Studios

    I have most certainly not attacked you.

    I haven't a clue why anything at Vr has been removed. It's certainly not at my instigation. This has gone too far guys. Really.