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PC XBOX 360 controller, no steering settings?!

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Methyl, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. It's a joke that this game was released without basic controller settings like deadzone, saturation etc. Does anyone know how I can adjust them externally? I'm using a wireless xbox 360 controller for PC. The joystick is jumpy as crap, way over sensitive, and has a stupidly large deadzone. (Note that I play with all assists off). I have modified my controller with accelerometers that hack into the joystick, so I can steer my joystick by turning the controller as a wheel. This worked fantastically in F1 2013 on pc, I really want to get it working in GRID autosport. I've found several config xml files in the "input" folder, and tried adjusting the deadzone values. Nothing seems to actually change the deadzone and saturation of the xbox controller in game.

    Help anyone?
  2. That's weird cause this is the first game in the grid, dirt, f1 series that got perfect 360 controller settings out of the box for me. Maybe try playing around with the input device type option in the hardware settings config file.
  3. I've tried changing the input device type to xinput_pad in the hardware config file, but it seems to make no difference.
  4. Physics aren't decent enough that I don't think most people would even see any benefit in having basic controller settings anyway, let alone robust options.