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(PC) Why are you not interested in RD racing club races ?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jan Masek, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Hello to everyone,
    its friday evening and i found it very strange, that of all of people registred here we will take part in RD club race only 4.
    Does almost everyone here own only xbox or ps3 ? or for what reason PC owners are not racing in club races. I would like to know what is the reason. If you will be so kind and reply, the guys who are hosting these events can make some changes to attract more ppl to racing in club races.
    Thank you for reading i hope we will see each other in the race.
    Jan Masek
  2. I would love to race with other members. I just bought a PC and switched over from PS3. But I'm also in grad. school and I have very limited time as it is. But with that being said I'd still love to get into some races. Add on GFWL: Sach F1
  3. I know for me that the races start an hour too soon for me to make it to them, I live in Canada and most weekday races are at 2pm when I'm still at school, and weekend races start at 7am or 8am which is too early for me. Also I think you need to attract new racers by maybe allowing some assists like traction control so that they can work on racing without traction control and eventually move up to the more challenging events.
  4. For me it's the tracks that are driven. As I am fairly new, I don't know the tracks that well and have no setups. I like playing offline, so I am learning the tracks while progressing through the season. So far, I have arrived at Silverstone, but mostly the races take place on later tracks. Additionaly, those tracks are quite challenging (like Suzuka or Spa), so I need some time to learn and create a suiting setup. I just don't have the time for that ATM. So if I already know the tracks from Career, the amount of time I need to adapt my setup to an "epual online car" is not that high.

    Another aspect is that friday evenings are not the evenings I typically spend at the PC. No work or university the next morning means (mostly): going out with friends. So other days of the week are (at least for me) more likely getting spent racing :)
  5. Jan Masek i'll try to break this down point to point as to why PC is fading now here on RD.

    to do that i will start from the very start and keep this hopefully short, please bare with me and read this.

    F1 2010 Launches on RD, a group of F1 enthusiast are so up for racing, within Months we have a inner RD Community on F1 which we call the "regulars" everyone knows everyone, we all know our driving skills, what is allowed and what is not, this was perfectly fine and successful in F1 2010.

    Now moving to F1 2011, everyone is racing, praising the game, as per usual the rooms i create for us "regulars" are with no Assists apart from allowing AutoGears, i then had feedback and a idea to encourage more new RD members (myself and some others) to create Events allowing almost all of the Assists and allow the new RD members to race with us "regulars" eventually hopefully encouraging them to race with no Assists.

    Well these events over 2 weeks we're successful over 10 new RD Members we started to race with but then the "regulars" myself really noticing a change, alot of Driver's started moaning and accusing, personally myself and some others tried to stop this, we missed the good old days with no drama and no Driver's hitting eachother, race after race there we're crashes, it got to a point where some of us said enough is enough, you can only say sorry so many times before it means nothing.

    That point had reached me and maybe a couple of others now, so this has driven myself and a few away from F1 2011 and venturing into new territory, if i was still around there would be alot of races going on still(im not sure if there still is?)

    don't let this discourage you or others, it's all down to personal preference and what your expectations are, maybe mine are to high now once i have felt the high life of driving extremely clean and having bundles of fun.

    will i be back on F1 2011? i don't know maybe, i cannot even say whether i will be running the PC league as of yet, i have a couple of months still to decide whether i will come back or not.
  6. I'm pretty strict on wanting clean racing at all costs myself. If anyone has a group that needs another driver, let me know.
  7. I'm American, so the time is weird for me, I work from 4 am - 9 am or so, so I'm always asleep until about 5-6 pm. so in GMT that means I'm ready to play at about 22-2300
  8. The reason I've not put my name down for anything at the minute is because I'm still getting used to racing with no assists, still have TC on medium slowly reducing the assists only 1 more season to go and I'll be using none.
  9. As a new member and new to F1 2011 the reason I'm not racing yet is only due to the fact that I don't know the circuits well enough to feel confident to race on line. Added to the fact that the school term has only just started which means I'm extremely busy until the end of november I personally need more time to learn the circuits. For me, knowing the circuit well is vital in not having/causing a crash and doing decent lap times.

    On saying all this I hope to be racing as soon as possible. Judging by the previous replies in the coming months there will be a few more people who will be in a position to race on line. I suggest a little patiences is required in order to get responsible drivers and hence a good clean race which in the end is what we are all after.

    Regular racers don't give up on us .... we are coming all be it at a snails pace :)
  10. I can say that my friend doesn't attend to the majority of the races because usually someone creates a session on week days, and he can't join because he's at work. (GMT eh) As for myself I'm still waiting for my wheel, it was supposed to come today, but I think it got pushed to monday, it's ok cause I need some time to get used to the new wheel. I don't want to mess up any races heh.

    Scott should create more races! Especially after patch 2.
  11. The only races i want to participate in are the ones that involve NO TOUCHING OR BUMPING! And i want to race against peeps that do NOT want to win at all costs. I would much rather finish 4th but have had perfectly clean battles then squeezed and rubbed and bumped my way past someone who is holding me up, just so i can maximize my chances of finishing higher. I am very competitive and usually prepare well before any race i enter but clean racing is ALWAYS my main focus. Sadly, this is not shared by most now whereas it used to be. That's my reason.
  12. My reasons are this , first and foremost the lag issues that exist within the game make online play a minefield of trouble.

    People whinging about bumps here and there, lagging cars in front of them, and the never really knowing what settings people are running is a worry to me. I see some very swift times being made around some tracks that make me wonder.

    Second nearly every race held here is at a ridiculous time for me here in Australia.

    5:00 AM in the morning here when most of you Euro guys are running about, will never suit me.
  13. oh i missed this one out, the most important Reason for stopping to play in club races :) how could i forget this? , i just don't care anymore, that's how low i've got when i think of this game and Multiplayer now, which is pretty sad.

    Sad people have just put a Bullet through the groups and have made a few leave, these things happen but when Driver's are out to win and nothing else it's pretty pathetic and not much can be done about it here. :(
  14. Dilemma with online racing always is... pickup races have too many yahoo's. And you need to dedicate time for club racing.
  15. To be honest I'm more used to see vets doing this. It's very very easy to name a few persons that race here, and in the past league (old 2010 league) and participate in the racing clubs that only focus on winning, bumping and doing outrageous overtakes in spots like 130R or worse. Sure, some new guys happen to this too, but I'm not the one to blame them all exclusively, you guys just need to watch more videos.

    If I'm to participate in one of the leagues, or racing clubs, I'll race for the fun and for the battles, if I win thats great if not too bad, at least I knew I was clean and had a lot of fun.
  16. We all make mistakes ofc but i'll always own up. Yes, there are some vets who race unfairly/poorly as well, bumping peeps from behind and more. It's just that more of it goes on nowadays. It's possibly not helped by the game being an arcade game.
  17. Norman Biscuits

    Norman Biscuits
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    elitist dickhead attitudes like this are definitely a turn off.

    there's no variation in the races, almost always 50% at one track... why not multiple tracks at 20%...? or a session for the evening at the hosts discretion at 10% and no qually?

    TOTAL PARANOIA about the 11/11 bug.... most amusing.

    no-one speaking on voice comms, no bonding.

    unfriendly stand-offish community - totally looking at the "regulars".

    the first game was garbage, but this one is deeply fun, unfortunately the lobby system sucks (slowclap cm) and the racing club should be the saviour of this. yet it's not.

    lack of pc dedi server is mindblowing.

    friday evening could-be, should-be primetime to get 16 racers together (i should know).... you work it out.


    lumping together three platforms in one forum is just lol.
  18. I'm out of racing for 3 weeks as I sent my G25 to Logitech because it smelled like it was burning. I'm getting a G27 some time on the third week of November. Before my wheel spazzed out, I was focusing on my career mode, aiming to beat the first season and getting setups on all the tracks.

    Time zone is rarely and issue. Most races start at 19:00 GMT, which is 3:00 P.M. EST. I get home around 2:55, and the morning races are around 7:00 A.M..

    But until they fix the connection issues and the 11/11 suspension, multiplayer just isn't as enjoyable as F1 2010.

    Even when I get my wheel back, I'm probably gonna end up playing career mode more than multiplayer, and that's scary.

  19. Where is your GFWL ID.... Do you not want anyone to know who you are? ....on a side note If you don't like the race choices ......Freakin host your own.........and this statement is freakin hilarious.... " no-one speaking on voice comms, no bonding "......awww.....lack of friends ..this post won't get you many.....you really should know what you are talking about before you make stupid remarks.......like this..." unfriendly stand-offish community - totally looking at the "regulars".
  20. Norman Biscuits

    Norman Biscuits
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    can't hoast races, internet connection n'est ce pas bon.
    i guess you're a "regular". i totally get you "tracy".