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PC | Thursday Night Championship (Archive)

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Kaido Parl, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. IMPORTANT NOTES! Read before signing up!

    - Before you decide to join this Championship, please read carefully RD rules and act accordingly. Most important things from rules: Do not cut corners (even if game allows you to do it!), at least 2 wheels inside white lines all the time. If you leave track, come back carefully not to hit anybody. If you cause an accident, let the other driver regain position (even if you loose many places doing that). If somebody makes dirty moves on you, don’t answer likewise on track. After the race calm down 24h and discuss it friendly. Do not make abusive or angry posts.
    - Clean racing is most important thing here. If someone repeatedly ignores RD rules and doesn’t change behavior after warnings, hes/hers place isn’t here. Its better to have less clean racers than full grid of disrespectful drivers. To keep races clean, something like stewards board has been put together. Besides me there will be Jan-Olov, Paul and Andrew Bortz. But this is only for extreme cases not to discuss every situation on track.
    -Do not press “ready” in the lobby and “go to race” in garage after qualification! Host will do that. 2 minutes will be given after qualification to change settings and make strategies.

    -From 2012 sporting regulations: after taking defensive line, you can't move back to racing line! Although you can move near racing line leaving enough room for one car moving on racing line.






    THURSDAY nights December – March

    1 Germany – 1st December – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    2 Turkey - 8th December – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    3 Malaysia - 15th December – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    4 Abu Dhabi - 5th January – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    5 Monaco - 12th January – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    6 India - 19th January – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    7 Canada - 26th January – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    8 China - 2nd February – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    9 Great Britain – 9th February – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    10 Japan - 16th February – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    11 Spain - 23rd February – 20:30 GMT (Completed)
    12 Korea – 1st March – 20:30 GMT (Completed)


    Participation: Qualification and Race
    Race Distance: 50%
    Car Assignment: Player's Choice
    Weather Setting: Dynamic
    Track Selection: 12 tracks


    Rules and Flags: Realistic
    Tyre Wear: On
    Fuel Load Simulation: On
    Car Damage: On
    Car Performance: Equal
    Collisions: Full


    Braking Assist: Banned
    ABS: Banned
    Traction Control: Banned
    Dynamic Racing Line: Banned
    Gearbox: Allowed
    Pit Assists: Restrict to Manual


    Forum name / Gamer tag / Car
    Priority will be given to those who have participated in previous races.

    STANDINGS AND SIGN UP LIST (Points to all, who are on places 1-10 at finish protocol, even if there are no points given to them by game)


    1. Kaido Pärl / kaidoparl / McLaren_______________________
    2. Paul Lock / Devilsixpence / Red Bull ____________________
    3. Alex Avdyushin / grave2000ca / Ferrari
    4. Mateusz Najda / Szary47 / Ferrari 2
    5. Zoltan Hadadi / Zomacher / HRT
    6. Fadel Sabbagh / drlegendlive /HRT2_____________________(Backup host 1)
    7. Victor Ivanov / SuchANiceDude / Williams
    8. Paul Gardiner / safcman73 / Williams 2
    9. Marijan Peć / Marijan Pec / Toro Rosso
    10. Igor Reshetnik / Igor Reshetnik / Mercedes
    11. Rob Mekkes / Chicane4863 / Force India__________________(NEW HOST)
    12. Andrzej Gruszka / ZiggyTheLion / Sauber
    13. Diego Lopez / r3mxd / Sauber 2
    14. Dovydas Labutis / blaghenzo / Renault
    15. Danijel Pesa / kifla127 / any car available
    16. _
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  2. I wish I could take part in this league, I really enjoyed the 2010 league, but I'm still having PC problems and can't play the game at the moment.
  3. Sorry to hear that! You were the only one who took part from all 12 races.
    But you can join whenever you can solve these problems! :)
  4. Thanks for signing me up Kaido :)
    I've been playing a little since the patch and am enjoying it a bit more, so I should be able to compete for the season.

    Are you happy with the first race going ahead next Thursday though? It's absolutely fine by me, but some might want another week to get a few more drivers :)
  5. Glad to hear! :)
    I think we'll start this Thursday and if somebody wants to join later, our doors are wide open!
    Remembering last year, it's fun with less drivers also. Of course more drivers will make it even more enjoyable :)
  6. As I said to you kaido I can't race this thursday:mad:.
  7. Thats ok, hopefully next time you will be there.
    Have a good birthday and see you on track when you are already one year older! :)
  8. Can we advertise in club races for this league? maybe we get some more people into the league.
  9. I think within RD advertising is allowed :)
  10. Aaaaa my car is taken... I'll take Williams then.
  11. oh course the Sauber is never touched....its my baby girl there :p

    so im all in for it

    Diego Lopez / r3mxd / Sauber 1 <---- il be naming her "Drowsy Heather"
  12. Got me thinking about one of my pitgirls...:D:D
  13. Drowsy Heather! Mwhaha.

    In that case -

    Paul Lock / Devilsixpence / Red Bull <--- Rohypnol Rosie

    Based on the fictional character Rosie Webster from Coronation Street -
  14. ahhh nice choice there Paul

    Mine however is after my gorgeous girl I love...and she tends to get "drowsy" while I play racing games hahahaha so thats where the name Drowsy Heather comes from xD


    one of the few "forums friendly" pic hahahahah
  15. Damn!! A half hour or so too late for me. Count me out for this season.
    Have fun guys and girls.
  16. I think I can get my kids to sleep half an hour earlier also.
    It is a last minute thing, but will 20:00 GMT suit to everybody, who have signed up yet?
    If you all agree, I could change starting time, so Bill could join us too.
    But you should answer soon, as i understand Bill goes to sleep in the middle of the day :)
  17. @Diego - girl in a baseball cap is always a winner :D

    @Kaido & Bill - I am 100% happy with starting at 20:00GMT if its ok with everyone else.
  18. Doesn't matter 8 or 8:30 for me as both are kinda late here 10-10:30 pm :)
  19. For me, 20:30 was perfect, I won't always be able to be there at 20:00. I can try though.
  20. I'd like to sign up
    Dmitry Zaharov / DOSMOT / Renault
    20:00 is better for me
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