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pc requirements and rfactor 2

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Andrew Ford, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    this may have been asked a million times but can't find the answer.

    whilst i'm aware that rfactor 2 is a beta, will be improved and modded...so no definitive answer can be given..

    i'm looking to buy a pc and monitor with wall brackets all for under £700. the pc must be fast enought to run rfactor 2 on highest settings and able to play 99% of current pc games - with possibility to upgrade if necessary e.g. ram...

    just wondering then...would this fit that description?
    Zoostorm i5-2310 Quad Core 4GB, 500GB PC with Graphics Card.


    if there are problems, please help me by telling me why or suggest and alternative which fits the description. i've had a friend helping me but i'm sure i've bored him sensless with questions! thanks to anyone who can help!
  2. First up I would never recommend anyone buy a PC from Argos. A lower end processor but not too bad, it doesn't state the speed of the ram other than DDR3 so I would assume the slowest speed, also 4 gb isn't very much these days and the graphics card is a Geforce 520 which is pretty horrid, right at the bottom end.

    Currently, Rfactor 2 is a very very computer hungry game, that may change in the future before the release but I can't imagine you would have a great time of playing it with the above computer. To play Rfactor 2 on the "highest settings" will cost you a LOT of money, you should probably forget about that idea with your price budget.

    If you're wanting a prebuild system you could check out Dell. Otherwise get your PC friend over with you and have a look at these websites.

    Overclockers UK

    These are PC specific websites who sell computers and computer parts on a massive scale, for that reason they will always have the most competitive prices and up to date products. If you buy a computer from Argos you're almost guarenteed to be ripped off in comparison.
  3. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

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  5. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    thanks tom. the bit i don't get is the graphics card spec.

    i understand i5 to i7 are best for gaming
    ram 4gb minimum and 8gb + better for running smoothly
    hardrive memory 500gb to me is still massive and not that important to be more

    so i don't get why the 2 above would fall down for rfactor 2 and which is best out of those above?
    i have money in the bank but tbh, i think if i spend more than £700 for a pc and monitor, i'm not sure i could justify it to myself. i'm a bit tight with my money lol
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Correct, i5 to i7 are best for gaming - i7 CPU are now available as Ivy Bridge versions (aka the latest of them), which further increase their speed. I bought an i7 3770 (the fastest, locked, Intel CPU available on the market) a few weeks ago (when it came out) and paid 300€ - for the CPU, nothing else. So the i5 is your best bet, I'd say. :)

    i5 2400 3.10GHz (Sandy Bridge) - £160
    Gigabyte Z68 AP-D3 (Intel Z68) - £75
    Corsair XMS3 8GB (2x4GB) 12800CL9 - £50
    MSI GTX560Ti Hawk 1GB - £170
    Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB - £80
    Antec 550W "80 Plus" - £55
    Samsung / LG DVD drive - £15-20
    Samsung S24B300BS 24" LED - £145
    Xigmatek Asgard Midi Tower - £30

    That's slightly more than you wanted to spend, granted. You can save money if you're going for a smaller screen (won't save you much nowadays) or slower graphics card. Hard drives are pretty much the same - 500GB might cost £60 but 1000GB cost £70. I've looked up the prices at overclockers.co.uk. :)

    To put this in relation: when I built a new PC like 8 weeks ago, I spent 2200€ on the hardware. Building a gaming PC isn't cheap and if you're short on money it often ends up badly because you won't have much fun with it. :unsure:
  7. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    ok..you know your stuff then lol

    so tell me these things please....

    with that information, would i go to a website and have them build it? i wouldn't have a clue myself...and if so, would that be an additional cost?

    also, what is the key thing that is better than say the desktops on my link eg. the medion one?
  8. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    I think most computer shops could do, yes. However, it might be cheaper to ask a friend - shops usually charge insane prices. Putting a PC together takes like an hour or so, it's really no rocket science.

    Medion desktops, for example, suffer from the fact that they always have weak spots. Sometimes it's a slower version of a usually not too shabby graphics card, sometimes it's their RAM and almost all the time they're using slow drives (5400rpm isn't bad per se), so that they're slowing the system down even more. :)
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  9. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    thanks tom.!
  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    No worries. When I think about it, nVidia is about to announce a new graphics card during GamesCom. So if you wait 1-2 weeks you might profit from a lower price. :)
  11. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    tbh, at the minute i have a basic laptop - toshiba satelite pro 2 gb ram etc.

    might just buy a monitor and play rfactor on that...wait 4 months until rfactor 2 is better and then see what's on offer then. i'm guessing i would get more for my money in 4 months anyway. i can't see me building my own pc. i've change a laptop screen but if i'm spenidng 700£ + i wouldn't want to mess up.

    based on what you and others have said, neither of the 2 pc's i originally mentioned are that great.
    i just don't know what the difference would be in gameplay. they both seem reasonably good specs but if i was to load say rfactor 2...would i get worse graphics, crashing or lag or something? there's so many variables. it seems if a pc has something good, something else isn't great lol
  12. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    You'll obviously get better stuff for cheap in 4 months time, I'd say wait for the Christmas sales. :)

    With games on PCs you can always have issues, sadly. However, if you've once played on a PC equipped with the most current CPU, graphics card & SSD drive it'll blow your mind. :D
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