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PC players: If you want to disable ghostcars, here's how to do it

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Roman5, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. **IMPORTANT NOTE: This only works for tracks you've already saved a personal best on before deleting files, otherwise the game crashes. **

    Hey guys, I posted this at CM's forum. From what I can tell, noone knows how to disable ghostcars completely. I seem to have discovered a way to do it.

    I've been experimenting with folders.
    Do this at your own risk.
    But if you follow my instructions, you should be fine.
    This is for PC players.

    Firstly, launch game, go to 'My F1'/edit profile, and disable autosave and disable save ghostcars, save the changes, and exit game.

    Next, go to C:/Users/yourname/My Documents/My Games/FormulaOne/savegame and you should see four folders, two Autosave and two PB. BACK THEM ALL UP FIRST! See screenshot:

    Autosave & Personal Best folders


    Once backed up, delete the two PB folders only, as in screenshot:

    Personal Best folders


    Now go to your main game folder, (Mine is C:/Games/Steam/Steam/steamapps/common/f1 2010)

    and BACKUP the 'ghostlaps' folder first! Once backed up, delete it, see screenshot:


    Load up the game, go to time trial, select your car and track. You'll still see your personal best time, but when you press continue you'll see this:


    Then it'll go into the game. Load your car setup if you have one saved, and once on the track, you won't see anything in the top left of the screen except your name. No ghostcar.

    Enable autosave again while keeping 'save ghost cars' to 'OFF'. It then gave me the usual autosave message about how all data will be autosaved and not to switch off while it saves. After that, I loaded time trial again, got the message in my screenshot again that I posted above which says ' ghost lap autoload failed', continued to the track, and no ghost car. Came back to 'My F1' and checked my edit profile to see if autosave was still on (yep) and save ghost cars was still off (yep). So, this should still update your new times, but with no ghost car to worry about.

    And the icing on the cake is, you can still download and race against any ghost car when in time trial, even your own from the leaderboard. When you exit time trial and reload it, you'll still have no ghostcar on the track unless you download one again. So you now have the best of both worlds :)

    Lemme know if it works for you. It should do. Works for me. When you want to revert everything, just put all your backup files back in the same places you deleted them from, that's PB folders and ghostlaps folder. Even replace your backup Autosave folders if anything goes wrong. I tested this by then replacing my ghostlap folder, autosave and PB folders, and everything was as before.
  2. Nice job I think you 'll make some happy guys
    Did you noticed any fps increase without the ghost ?
  3. You sir are a God. Thank you so very much for finding a solution to what should have been an optional feature.
  4. Hang on guys, I think I've been premature. It works on sao paulo for me perfectly. But I'm now getting a freezeup and game crash when I select other tracks. Someone tried my fix and said it only works on tracks you've already done a time trial on. I just replaced all my backup files and did a slow drive around a track I hadn't done a time trial on (suzuka), just to get a basic time on the board. Then I did my procedure above, overwriting my backup autosaves and PB folders and then deleting the relevant ones, went back to suzuka and it crashed. Hmm, oh well, better put this on hold. It can obviously be done since sao paulo still works with no ghost, but I need to figure out why it crashes on other tracks. Are you getting that same problem with crashing? Well, at least the game seems to work perfectly again when all autosaves and PB folders are replaced from backup.
  5. I can confirm that the game crashes for tracks that you haven't already set a time for (i.e. replaced the Default ghost time).

    However, I restored the files, set a PB, removed the files again and I could drive without the Ghost as before (tested at Yas Marina and Suzuka). So it seems either you need to set a PB on all the tracks before deleting the files, or restore the files each you want to start TT on a track for the first time before then deleting them. I can live with that.
  6. Thanks for your feedback sonofmaw, that's good news. So it does still work for other tracks for you. Mine crashes on 2 different tracks I tried even after setting a basic PB before deleting the files, but that may not happen for others. I shall pass your news along to CM forum.
  7. even with this, when you set a time, the ghost car comes back!