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PC Online racing Question

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Roy Sutton, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. I have not long joined the licensed drivers and was woundering if there is a daily or weekly session that is held for PC gamers because all i see are the races for each of the races coming up in F1 and not a daily or weekly event. I want to have some fun against fair drivers. I am not fast but i can hold my own in a race and by racing in a clean race i would be able to see just how much i have to learn before i can really be up fighting with some of the top drivers around if at all i can get to their driving skill levels.
  2. Thanks Jan-Olov Johansson i will look into them, i have yet to learn how to race with abs, traction control etc off. I mostly race sprint races online, i have raced a few 20% race distance races and 1 or 2 30% but nothing higher. In all previous F1 games i use to race full distance races so distance isn't a problem for me. Generaly the longer the race distance the more fun it can be. For example there was a 75% race distance up last night but i tried to join to late as the game must have started as i joined or while i was joining.

    Anyway what are the rules with aids for the league races (i have no experience with them off yet which is why i say i am a novice).
  3. The league races are at 50% and all assists are off, with the exception of auto gears. The settings are the same for the "thusday night championship" so that might be hard for you if you haven't done any driving with them off yet... :)
    It's just a matter of practising and you soon will be able to get rid of both abs and tc :)

    Anyway, I think you will find that RD is a great place to race, clean and fair as opposed to the "normal" online ramming partys... :wink:
  4. Thanks bud, i will have to start practising off line with abs and tc off. It will be tough but in time i will learn where to push and where not to. I guess it will be like it was when i first started playing F1 97 on the PS1 learning by trial and error. I will also have to work on setups that will help improve the traction so that i can apply power easier etc. 50% race distances are fine, i can easily do 4 to 5, 50% race distances every day lol, so one 50% race distance a week will be easy. I just got to learn to drive with no aids which is going to be easier said then done.
  5. Thanks bud, i will have to start practising off line with abs and tc off. It will be tough but in time i will learn where to push and where not to. I guess it will be like it was when i first started playing F1 97 on the PS1 learning by trial and error. I will also have to work on setups that will help improve the traction so that i can apply power easier etc. 50% race distances are fine, i can easily do 4 to 5, 50% race distances every day lol, so one 50% race distance a week will be easy. I just got to learn to drive with no aids which is going to be easier said then done.
  6. No problem mate, welcome to the leauge. :)
  7. I recently switched from all assists to no assists and I suggest that you should drive with all assists off from the start because if you get used to one assists then atleast from my experience it is hard to get rid of the assist.
  8. Yep i totally agree, i look at the times and think how on earth can they post that time with no assists but clearly they did and in time maybe i will post times that will be good enough to challange for a top 3 position or maybe a victory. But those dreams are a long way off and could take many months of practise as not only do i have to learn how to drive with no assists, i also have to relearn the tracks with the assists off, so learning with no assists on from the start is a very good point otherwise you really heavily on those assists and end up wishing you could drive without them and when you do try you find the frustration building up and you give up.
  9. Turning off auto gears is in my opinion the easiest assist to lose. You will very quickly get used to manual gears, plus manual gears help with cornering... (just watch the fuel at places like Valencia tho as they tend to use more fuel).

    Auto-brakes is a MUST to turn off, you will be so much quicker. You just need to practise to get used to it.

    Racing line, while useful for new tracks etc, with enough practise at a given track you will learn to live without the racing line. Also I once read somewhere (probably here) that with the racing line turned on, you tend to chase the racing line even when you have come into a corner all wrong, & so the racing line when entering it wrong isnt neccessarily the best line round the corner...

    Damage - turning this assist off, although it wont make you any faster, it does tend to make you more careful & a bit calmer, leading imo to better racing!

    TCS & ABS. These will be the hardest I think to get used to, & props to peeps on controllers (rather than wheels & pedals) who turn this assist off. It just takes practise, eventually you will get used to it. I got lucky with TCS, I went to turn it off & found that it was already off. I'm still rubbish at braking.

    Pit limiter & pit control is easy, you just need to hit the button before the limiter line, find out where the line is. & pit box control you just need to start braking when in line with the pit before yours.

    Fuel sim on is rather rewarding I think, although you have to be a bit more careful at the start of the race, it is nicely satisfying seeing your lap times come down lap after lap.

    Tyre sim, again no great problem, you are supposed to pit for tyres anyway, once again very easy to get used to.

    Using flashbacks just interrupts your flow, even if you're flowing badly... try not to use them.

    Basically it is all down to practise. The more practise you get the better you will be. When I started league racing here, I would often come last vs AI Amateur in career mode. I have only done 4 league races so far here, & have noticed the opposition tends to drive at legend speed. I have improved massively over the course of those 4 races, & I can now easily beat the AI on Amateur. I'm doing my practise racing in the Red Bull AI legend in single GP mode, as this gives me the closest performance to onlie racing, & similar times to aim for. As a result of doing it at legend, & putting in the practise for each race, I have improved. Still running last tho, so please do sign up for the league!

    As for the races you see in the club section, the league races (certainly for PC) are the same ones as the real F1 weekend, & so as a result peeps want to practise the next circuit ready for the league race, which is why you keep seeing the same races as the real F1 posted for a week or 2 running up to the real F1.

    You can always post your own races with whatever settings you want. I'm sure there are plenty of peeps about who would like to race but dont want to do so with all assists off.

    Edit. Lol! wall of text. sorry :D
  10. :roflol:

    Very interesting read bud, i have already signed up for the league races which i will be in a Red Bull in league 4. Budapest is perhaps not the best place to start learning to drive without any assists on but then it could prove to be more rewarding in the long run than it might have been at tracks like Hocheneim or Monza where braking and cornering are not as challanging. The good news is i don't race with all assists on anyway, fuel and tyre sims are alway's on in my races. Brake assist is never on, ABS is proving to be the easiest to master at the moment as i have not braked so late that my car slides into a corner which can be seen as not pushing hard enough or having consistancy in the braking zones (i see it as not pushing hard enough).

    The racing line is one that i am guilty of though, i don't really follow the line its self just have it on for the corners. But as i have found out where the line say's you should start braking is not alway's true and because of that you loose far more speed and time following exactly where the line say's you should brake. TC is going to be the most challanging to learn at the moment, i think i will have to set my wheel up a little more carefully because i am a little heavy on the throttle which is why i'm spinning or if quick enough almost spinning out.

    In practise my times are not that good, but i have been filling the car to the limits with fuel so i can adjust to a heavy car as a pose to a light car since for the best part of a race your car will be heavy it was the best way to go i felt. I will be trying my setup out with low fuel for a few runs so i can see how the setup works under low fuel, setup wise though is something i have to work on because i have never really done much changes to the setups. So knowing which will aid better traction on the rear and which will reduce it will help but i have to sit and read as much as i can on the different parts and how increasing/decreasing those parts settings will effect the car behaviour. At the moment i am using a setup from this forum that i am modifying to my driving style.

    So as mofifying the setup has gone, i have made a total of 6 seconds in 1 test session with about 20 laps completed. When i have the setup where i want it i can start doing long runs and build on them which hopefully should see 30 to 40 laps been completed in each session, its just finding the balance with the setup and calming my driving down. I have yet to learn manual gears so that might help improve the car control as i can change up to second a little earlier for better traction. I also have to learn about pit limiter and pit box because i have only ever done i think 2 races with pit lane limiter off and both times i got hit with penaulties for speeding in the pit lane lol.

    If anyone wants to share there highs and lows about learning with no assists on and post there tips then please do, it would be very helpful to myself and to anyopne else who is or will go through this at some point. I will keep everyone updated on my practising and hope with each practise session i have good news.

    Well i have started finding a setup that feels good for me, i know that as i get more confident with no assists i will get faster and that the changes i make to the setup are not as big as they feel but the changes i have made do allow me to be more confident in some parts of the track where i was struggling. Ok there is still much room for improvement but to improve by 3 seconds is very important and means i am now able to set similar times to the AI on legend, however i need those times to be consistant and at the moment they are not. I know i have much more time in this setup its just finding the balance. The runs i have been doing so far have all been on the prime tyres so the softs should easily allow me to set a much faster time. But since you spend the better part of the race on the harder tyres (in less on a 2+ stop strategy) then its obvious that the lap times on the primes need to be good and thats what i am working on now. So there is the quick update, now i'm off to play online before i call it a night and start practising the long (and hopefully consistant) runs tomorrow.
  11. Lol. Well this was my first attempt at manual gears back in march. best time was 1 min 46 (Silverstone)

    & this is me 3 months later in a league race, same track, best time was 1 min 35

    Tip. Practise practise practise :)
  12. About those in-game recordings: what's the best way to record your races? Are you using some in-game feature or an external program? Thanks :)
  13. fraps is best I think. There are others aswell like msi afterburner.
  14. K I'll try Fraps, thanks :) Any suggestion for an easy-to-use video editing program as well? :p
  15. I used MSI Afterburner-beta, because it's free, & it does a nice job, & for video editing I used Sony Vegas pro 10 (the less said about that the better!)
  16. Okay thanks for the info,I'll try it out this evening. Sorry for stealing the topic btw :)

    Back on topic: my most recent online frustration: people ramming you off the track during the first few corners so you can't compete with the leader any more (who's actually a good driver), only so they can spin off the track or crash during lap 2/3 and leave the game. They can go about and mess up some other race, while you are 20 seconds off the lead and stuck with a clipped front wing! (even then I'll always finish my races).