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PC Nvidia Antialiasing issue

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Spazo, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'm currently running my game at ultra settings with AA 16xQ CSAA

    When in the menu, I can see many jaggies on the car (rear wing and the front of the car) and in a race, I see them on the side of the road, on the fence and object at some distance.

    I tried to enable 16x Anisotropic Filtering (AF) in nvidia panel / inspector and I didnt see any change in-game. Also tried to modify / delete my hardwaresettings file

    My pc: i5-2500k, nvidia 570 gtx, 8gig ram

    Is there a way to fix that ?

    What setting you guys are using ?
  2. 4x AA should be enough, why on earth are you running that high. Just try a lower setting no more than 8x and see if you still have the issue.
  3. I already tried 4x / 8x AA and its worst :(

    I get 50-60fps with AA 16xQ CSAA
  4. What resolution are you playing at and are your graphic drivers updated. I am using an i7 2600k, GTX 570 and 16GB ram so its very similar although I am playing at 2560x1440 and I only really feel the need for 2x or 4x AA. I also havent changed anything in the Nvidia panel. Try putting that back to default and lowering your graphic settings to high. There could just be a bug somewhere on one of the settings.
  5. I'm running at 1650x1080 with lastest nvidia drivers (306.23 WHQL)

    yeah I think its a bug :(

    thx for your help
  6. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Do what i do and force 32x CSAA antiialiasing 16x anisotropic 2560x1600 clamp with hi quality filtering with single display performance and FXAA on.

    allso edit this line on your config file.
    <mirrors enabled="true" forceBilinear="true" width="2048" height="512" car_maxlod="1" car_culldist="800.0" />
    and make the file read only after editing it.
  7. I have a GTX 560.
    I just adjust the HIGH Quality on the nVidia control panel, leave the rest at default
    and adjust in-game setting to 16xQ and max out the graphic settings on the game.
    Never had a problem.
  8. Im using the latest nvidia driver with an GTX 560 as Marsala.
    No settings made on nvidia control panel, just using the game as ultra quality and 8x Qxaa
    Also using the fxaa injector to bring more life to it :D
    And i almost forgot to mention, the car texture itself will look a little bad with any AA you use, you need to download the HD car textures. ML2166 ones are the best, just doesn't know if he will post them again.

    Look at this link, its my FXAA profiles, see the pictures, all taken on 1920x1080 with 8x Qxaa theres the original pics and the ones with FXAA.
    I haven't noticed this jaggies you said Spazo, only sometimes i saw some glitches on the garage, but they are random and almost always doesn't happen.