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[PC] My impression of the AI on legend after my first career race.

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Freddy van Vliet, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow RD members,

    I did do a GP at Melbourne in GP mode for Williams (expert difficulty except for auto gears) after having done some Time attack scenarios to get a feel for F1 2011 and the wheel settings.

    Man, it was hard! Was hard to be faster than my teammate but I did (by very little though) and no hope of getting to Q3 from the looks of it in practice. But then qualifying was gonna be wet, so from F1 2010 experience I thought this was my chance to get into Q3 as the AI has always been slower in the wet compared to dry. Well not. My god are the AI driving like aliens in the wet! With a very good lap I could have outqualified the 3 backmarker teams, but then I would still be like 3seconds behind the nearest competitor in front! Okay, all this dry and wet running was done with a quick setup, but still. Something is very wrong here. I don't think I suck that big in the wet compared to the dry so the AI must just be crazy quick in the wet. Anyway, i didn't manage a very good lap and started 24th.

    Race was 20% and start was okay (no barging through the field, bumping other cars out of the way) and was running like 14-16th or something after the first lap. My teammate was behind me and faster, and was having a really hard time keeping up with the guys in front. After the first stops I was 13th...lost some more time to Di Resta in 12th due to slow outlap but my teammate was gone. Some guys were doing 2 stops in a 20% race? CM should have eliminated that for 20%. So thanks to that I managed to creep up to 13th. Was trying hard to close the gap to Di Resta at 5sec but it stayed pretty much the same. Then I made a big mistake and ended up in the gravel and lost over 5sec and was able to keep 13th just ahead of Buemi and my teammate. But Buemi was faster than me (I'm thinking he might have been on options). Crossed the line in 13th and my teammate in 15th. Was very enjoyable.

    But after that I have done quite a bit more running in time attack mode, in the meantime perfecting my wheel setup. So I finally did my first career race with Williams on expert difficulty again (except for auto gears) at 20%. Also tried a custom setup but boy oh boy was I fast all of a sudden. Managed to set the fastest time in every single session in a long weekend and pole with 1.1sec on p2 (could have been 1.4sec if I could have managed my Q2 time). I know there is a setup bug with the front and rear springs when you set them to 11-11 you get crazy grip. But I guess it´s not just 11-11 that is bugged, as I was using 10-10. Probably the explanation why I suddenly was that fast. I hope CM fixes this ASAP as it is kinda game breaking.

    Anyway, as for the race...one of the hardest fought races I ever had! Managed to keep first place at the start but I had to push like hell to try and keep the guy in p2 from using DRS and defend with KERS. Stayed ahead until the stops and came out just ahead of Vettel but I eventually dropped to 2nd after everyone had stopped a few laps later as Massa had jumped me with a longer stint and was just ahead by maybe 2sec. In the meantime I was having a hard time fending off Vettel who was faster most of the time. Cranked up fuel mixture to rich mode for the last few laps and managed to creep away a little from Vettel and creep up to Massa. In the final lap in sector 3 I managed to attempt an overtake on him and made it stick to take first place. Very rewarding, but yeah, shouldn´t have been possible in a Williams.

    As for the setup bug...I could leave the springs untouched at 6-6 to keep it more realistic...but really, CM should instead fix the problem as TT and online racing sure will be affected big time by this. You can´t really expect guys not to use high spring settings as they would stand no chance against people who do.
  2. After reading your post yesterday I decided to play around with the springs and you are correct, seems the firmer the springs the better the car, at any track. I set my springs to 11-11 and ride height at 1-1 and on expert career I am now top 10 runner easily and I am of the same opinion as you, it makes the car too good, too easy to drive.
  3. I red your post .. and by curiosity i went to play the game once more with your setup at istanbul .. with your setup(plus 3-4 ride height) i did 1:27.635 .. and no matter how many times i tried to improve it i couldnt .. with this setup williams had tremendous downforce indeed .. but in such a fast track this setup couldnt stand a chance .. the car couldnt reach maximum speed even with drs on .. as you can see it loses a lot of time in the straights .. so i changed a bit the setup ( 8-8 wings and 3-4 ride height ) .. i did 1:26.967 ..( with the same gearbox settings ) .. so i believe it's not a bug .. it may improves handling a lot (which is normal .. due to the increased downforce) .. but it reduces the capability of the car to reach maximum speed! ..

    Why do you thing that in the real F1 every driver is complaining about the great downforce of the redbulls? .. they can do it .. so codemasters give us the chance to do it too.

    and thing that if they change the affect of 11-11 on car's handling (ie .. reduce it) in dry .. they will probably reduce it in wet conditions too .. and if they do that .. 360's all the time :p

    Anyway .. i dont count that as a bug .. the only thing that disappoints me about the 11-11 wings .. is that the tire wear is the same as 6-6 or any other combination ..

    p.s. : because i am using keyboard .. i have TC:medium .. ABS:on .. and automatic gearbox.
  4. I'm not talking about 11/11 wings, but SPRINGS. You can find those in the suspension area I believe, where you can also alter the ride height.
  5. I am apologizing for my mistake.So i checked 11-11 springs this time and i saw that it says, if you higher the value it will generate more handling (a lot), more oversteer (didnt notice almost anything) and reduces traction and cornering grip (which i didnt notice at all .. actually i had more cornering grip). So it is a bug and i am sorry that i doubted you.
  6. No problem mate :wink:
  7. so..i don't understand this game...for all qualify , the ai cars are surnatural...17 or 18 sec more fast on me . in the race i am the surnatural !!! start in 24th , in half lap ,i m6 or 7 ...in a lap 3 i am first with 12 sec on second car...in legend ,manual gears ,middle TC ,no abs and nothing other helper...ai very very slow in corner....ai problem?
  8. and sorry for my surnatural bad english
  9. I forgot to mention the fastest lap time with 11-11 springs, just for the record, i did 1:25.770.So springs help you without costing you something! It will probably sounds foolish, but i choose to play fair and i prefer the game to be exciting, so 11-11 and 10-10 springs .. will not be included in my options.I suggest you guys to do the same,if you make it easy, you will also make it boring!

    Huge improvement from F1 2010. Compared to F1 2011, F1 2010 takes hardly a 6, while F1 2011 takes a 9!Really great job by the codemasters!
  10. Yeah I won't using the springs exploit either. I do however use high downforce. I never max it out but I usually run 10/9 (F/R). I've always been a fan of high downforce in any racing game I've ever played. I don't really think of it as an exploit. After playing since launch I'm finally able to qualify 1st and win every single race at every track by at least a few seconds on pro difficulty so it's time to step up to legend on my next season. I'm loving this game though. I used to beat the AI cars by tens of seconds on legend in F1 2010. Even after trying numerous mods to increase AI difficulty so I welcome the change.
  11. That is a lot downforce :p .Well only at monaco i used 9-9 wings.My setup depends on the track, if it has long straights, like montreal, minimum downforce that i will choose is 4 and the maximum 6. More downforce will make me lose a lot of time in straights. At the beginning of my career i was struggling with the default setup on legend difficulty, i was most of the time 18th. I realised that only in F1 2010 default setups were the best choices i had, even when i tried to change the gearbox, believe me nothing happened, the same gear changes. Fortunately! in F1 2011 setup is almost everything. By making the right setup for each track and by getting the feeling of handling with in a few laps, i managed to get in Q3.
    Every single day i find it more and more interesting!