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PC Cars Patch 5.0 and Oculus Questions

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by svenh007, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Hello, I wonder if some other Oculus DK2 users can help.

    I have some challenges with the Patch 5.0.
    Overall I feel the quality is better , nevertheless some questions.

    - with P4 , I could have the game menue on my main Screen. Although I saw it in in the rift as well, doing all setup actions on the main screen was more convinient. WIth Patch 5.0 the Screen is black (although I can see the typical 2 Driver Oculus screen view during a race) and trying to use the menue, ie trying to Access the Options menue is nearly impossible, I can not see the mouse.
    Does anybody have an idea on what to do ?
    ie how to change tabs in the different menues is not working.
    A solution would be an option to choose the option menue and tabs with the keyboard would be ok as well.
    - during the race I can see the HUD gear box and Tire status in the right bottom corner in my rift view.
    I am able to access the HUD menue and can choose other views, but they are not showing up during the race

    Any help is appreciated

  2. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Mouse cursor doesn't work for now, however you can use the buttons and paddle shifters of your wheel to navigate and access all menus.

    Do you have a button mapped to cycle through the different HUDs?
  3. Hello Dennis, YOU ARE THE MAN !!!
    The hint using the Buttons and paddle shifters of the wheel was the key to success.
    Looks like I never tried the obvious.

    Always used the Keyboard to navigate through the menues !!
    And the HUD can be changed as well. Cant change the types but what I see if I toggle through the HUD ,was exactely what I was after.

    Last question. Do you know by chance how to change the brightness as I think it is to bright ?
    Everything else, I think PCars is having now the best usage support for the Rift

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2015
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  4. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Staff

    Nope haven't actually looked into that yet, sorry. Maybe disabling bloom helps?

    Edit: Just found out that you can also use the j and k key to navigate the menus if you haven't plugged your wheel in. That's sometimes more convenient if you are just testing video settings.
  5. I have also found that everything is too bright post patch 5. I have found a workaround albeit is not perfect. Options-->visual-->exposure compensation change to 0.7 (experiment between 0.6-0.8)
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