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[PC] Awful "pop up" post patch 2

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by lawyer237, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Take a drive around, for example, Canada and note the way the stands and crowd now pop up when you get near to them!

    So far as I can see no changes to the config files or the LOD or Cull settings make any changes to this. It appears to be common whether you run DX11 or not and whatever card you run.

    Anyone got a solution??
  2. How do you know this? How many PC's do you have? Mine doesn't do this.
  3. 3 PCs, different cards on 2 of them and different CPUs. If you look over at the CM forum (if you can deal with the bitching) you will see that many others have the same issue.
  4. Well if it is something purposely done by the patch, hopefully there is a value hidden somewhere which a mod can revert it back to how it was before. Maybe even increase it beyond the original for those more powerful pc's.
  5. yeah , i have crowd flickering in and out on all tracks after the much anticipated patch. The AIs do seem a little more competitive though. I tried switching from DX9 to DX11 same graphic issues. Great job CMs.
  6. I had that too (on dx10 gpu); it was like grandstands textures flashing all the time, not just popping too late... And after spending almost all day in Canada trying to race, I decided to reinstall the game, install 1.01 patch, and use AI files only from 1.02 patch -- thats my solution; no graphical glitches, no tire bug, but faster, more competitive AI and more fps on my system; I call it patch 1.01a
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  7. How did you manage to find the ai files in particular from the patch?? Please tell me how? And is there a way of uninstalling patch 2?
  8. Just take a look at "date modified" in 'details' view of windows explorer; all old files are from august, patch 1.2 files are from october mainly, everything modified after october is from patch 1.2. Of course I am talking about full F1 2011 installation with patch 1.2.
    so find those files (look at files, not folders, cause they all will have date modified changed), copy them to some other location, uninstall the game, install, patch manually to 1.1, and then copy those files you want from 1.2 backup. To make AI more competitive copy these files from:

    Not sure about 11-11 springs bug, but I did use tuning.tng from 1.2 cars folder, didnt want to use all cars folder cause I dont want my car to handle like in f1 2010 again.

    Of course there may be better way to get those 1.2 files - by extracting Media1.cab (in patch folder), it could be easier than what I described above, but first you need to know how (cabarc utility maybe), and theres no quarantee you will get those files (they may be encrypted or whatever...)

    Forgot to say: its seems to also safe to use database from 1.2, not much changes in xml files in ai folder (one line in ai_driver_config.xml - some value changed from 7 to 8, so you can use it or not, probably wont make much difference). And of course keep away from flow.bin ;)
  9. Hello,

    Using your method do you get AI car failures?

    Have you only copied the relevent AI files (from each track\circuits\name\route) and not any of the other changed files?

    I tried looking at every file that had changed and swapping back the 1.1 version but it made no differece at all to the pop up so it looks like the new cull values are hard coded. Great job (again) CM!

  10. Yes, I did a reinstall, applied patch 1.1, and then copied AI track files from patch 1.2. I am also using database, ai_driver_config.xml and that tuning file (not sure what it does though :) from 1.2 patch. AI is faster and there arent any crowd/grandstands texture flickering. Whats more, my car is handling a little bit more difficult, especially in race conditions, under heavy fuel. I did 100% Valencia today, and finished only couple of seconds ahead of Webber, when previously I had 20 to 60 seconds lead, so it seems to work.
    The reason you are still having problems is maybe youre using 1.2 exe too, or some other files from 1.2? Or maybe try and reset your graphics settings. Or make sure youre nor using any 1.2 files from system folder (flow.bin, hardware_settings_config.xml and so on). Or if you have save backup that is clean of 1.2 patch (meaning you didnt play and save with 1.2 patch), try to restore it, but as a last resort. I did use my pre-1.2 saves that I made right before applying the patch, so lost only one race weekend, that went horribly for me and had R&D bug (did everything but didnt get upgrades nor XP - first time it happened to me).
    About AI car failures: there were none in Canada, but in Valencia I had Alonso retired on first or second lap, but dont know what really happened, was concentrating on taking corners with heavy car, and had Webber all over me in DRS zones :D
  11. sounds like alot of trouble. I dont work for Code Masters,they should re do it.
  12. They should but they won't.
  13. @Apex1972: Its nothing compared to amount of work F1 2010 needed from a gamer (if one wanted better game) - adjusting AI in ai tool, and than testing those settings in game, for every track, in different conditions etc. This thing I did with f1 2011 1.2 patch took me about 30 minutes...
    but I agree, its Codemasters who should think more while making games and patching them.
  14. Hybrid patch is what I'm using at the moment. Install game, install patch one, rename game folder, create another empty f1 2011 folder. Manually run setup of patch 2 . This will install all files in the patch to the empty folder. Then take what I want from the patch and copy it back over. I took everything except the exe and the system folder. Copied it over, deleted the patch older and renamed the original game folder back to f1 2011. Then copied all mods in, and updated them if they conflicted with any new files from patch2. Complicated I know and only some long play sessions will reveal if there is any problem but crowds look fine and I don't have a tyre bug. But i probably have the other race tyre selection problem if you do lots of stops and maybe 11/11 bug too. But as I can't race online now who cares as that's only n issue for multiplayer and time trials.
  15. :mad:
  16. I have done this slightly differently.

    I have installed f12011 and patched it to first patch and then copied all the files in the f12011 root directory and the files “flow.bin, links.bin and stats.bin” (from the system folder) to a temporary location.

    I then apply patch 2 and then delete all files in the f12011 root directory and replace them with the previous kept copies (the same with the 3 .bin files). No more pop up and it “seems” all is working well with the so called “improved” ai.
  17. Off-topic, but why call it the 'CM fanboy' site? - there has always been (and probably always will be) a lot higher percentage of people on there slagging everything in sight off, than anyone else.

    on-topic. yes, hoping for a 4 core version of that temporary workaround too.
  18. Hello,

    Off topic:- Try posting a view upon the manner in which the game was over hyped or the way in which the developers have done their yearly disappearing act after all the bugs were shipped with both the game and the patch. What will happen, is, firstly, that the usual fan boys will appear and try to justify the unjustifiable (by use of the word “awesome” in every sentence) and then one particular mod will delete your post and post his own personal view of matter!

    However, my view of the site is just that; my view...your experience and view may differ and that is fine.

    On topic:- I tried to mess around with the workermap4core and got nowhere at all....don’t know if anyone else can manage it but I can’t.
    It is interesting that using the altered workermap2core (and making changes in the hardwardconfig file to use it) does nothing whether or not I disable 2 cores (not threads!) of my cpu....odd!!
  19. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member

    I know you posted this quite a while ago, but what did you use to open and edit the "tuning.tng" file?