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Pavel Valoušek skin

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ondrej Kapal, Nov 6, 2010.

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  2. Nice would be awesome! :) thanks a lot
  3. If the Senad's movie from the event is a priority I could give a go (since Senad's quite overwhelmed, it would probably mean a week or so from now). Doesn't look like too much work really. Would be my first "real" skin :D
  4. you would really make it?
    Good thing that it only needs some remake, the main work is already done...
  5. Round 3 movie done tonight, English rally done tomorrow hopefully, so yeah, about a week from now :)
  6. some of the most current livery

  7. Does anybody know sort of tourial to make a RBR skin, I mean I don't know how to change to a different colours on car. Do I have to have a light and shadows points on car as it is in template?
  8. Light and shadows from the template are important to create a very good looking texture (the increase depth without additional polycount and with limited lighting).

    @Ondrej - do you preferer blank, non-sticker look (i.e. no stickers from a specific rally)? Also maybe your name in an optional variant? :)
  9. There isnt much to stick, because the car livery wasnt changing at all (except of one sponsor under Varmuža - first four pics - there just use the most simple to do for you) and the numberplate, which Id like to keep off - and if possible stick with the car registration (last pic) and with Valoušek on the window and authentic names above front tyres - it means, left front tyre have names in this order: Valoušek, Hrůza and right front tyre (meant chasis) in this order Hrůza, Valoušek - and also use number 1, because they are now champions :)

    If there will be this car available for RDRC S2, I will re-write those names to mine, until that I would feel weird with my name :D

    I hope you understand what I mean, in my formulation it can sound messy but it is only some few little details which should be easy (for someone like you :D I wouldnt make it) to do

    also there is pic of the roof and more details

    once again thanks and ask if you want some specific info or details :) I will help as much as I can (references also)
  10. Which front bumper do you prefer? :p There are 2 different ones, one is an exact match for the skin Warren posted.

    Also - black or white rear spoiler? I don't know which livery is more recent :).

    EDIT: Ok, I think I know now. The Belgian one seems to match the newer livery pretty accurately, luckily.

    Ran into another problem - I can't see what the stickers on the back part of the roof are. If you could tell me or (even better) point me where can I find a decent quality pictures of them it would be great.

    EDIT2: Okay, another few things: if you know the webpage of "St. Johann" (whatever that is :p) it'd be great (would save me some effort). Or at least a semi-decent sized logo of them (aroun 200x50 is the bare minimum).
    Sponsor on top of the C-pillar is unreadable for me (got the rest from there).
    If you have a higher resolution Varmuza logo it'd be great (I had to improvize).

    That should be most of it .