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Cars Patrick34 2014 Mod 9.5

Modified 2014 mod with 8th Gear

  1. Angelq117 submitted a new resource:

    Patrick34 F1 2014 Mod - Modified F1 2014 mod with 8th Gear

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  2. So all we do is install this? Where do we get the cars from? They look great by the way.
  3. I can't find the mod, where do i have to look in the game, they aren't listed under formula extreme, can't find 91 mod either after installing, pls help
  4. Hey you guys....all you have to do is make a temp folder.....copy a gsc.exe in the folder along with the simsync files. Then start the simsync. This way you dont have to install directly into the game. :thumbsup: And you can save it as a mod.
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  5. Sim Sync fails in directory structure, places files all over the place, like in Formula Extreme folder and also makes a folder F12014PAT folder with files in it which should be in a other place.
    Can some1 pls make a rar of the complete mod and upload?


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  6. Can't get it to work!
  7. Can't get it to work
  8. Michael. It works for me now. I instaled
    UIData 1.0. An now i gan see the F1 2014 mod.
    i hope it helpt.
  9. Angelq117 updated Patrick34 F1 2014 Mod with a new update entry:

    Added Supersoft, Medium Tyre Set and changed tyre wear and grip a bit - still needs a lot of work

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  10. @Author, as for the gen files in the vehicle folder(.._Graphics.gen and _Spinner.gen), eg. RedBull. find the folder \Vehicles\F_Extreme\F12014\Teams\1 - Infiniti Red Bull Racing, find the file and open it, the original the as below
    I changed to
    SearchPath=<VEHDIR>\F_Extreme\F12014\Teams\1 - Infiniti Red Bull Racing
    So the vehicle will be shown in the game, If and problems, contact me, thanks.
  11. liaojun you da man... fixing it now, then i'll update the sync as well.
  12. Actually, as Rene7 said earlier, it works when you have UIData installed (just done that a minute ago). Didn't need to change anything in the files like liaojun suggested, as mine were already OK. Still the installation path is a bit weird, it adds a GSC2013\GameData\Vehicles\F12014PAT folder which is almost empty and a GSC2013\GameData\Vehicles\F_Extreme\F12014 folder with several "Teams" folders inside ...
  13. Ok I just fixed it now so it should work with both UI Data's. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.All the folder is necessary... 1 contains the Safety Car which is separate... adding it with the extreme folder makes the safety car available to chose but crashes the game, because it is set to No AI in the .veh file. Taking out the No AI will then let the safety car appear on track when you drive offline and select Ai... lol.
    As for the Team inside the Teams folder... that was a mistake... Uploading to the simsync server... I copied the Teams inside Teams and not F1 2014 Folder... You can just delete it the re run sync again. :D
  14. Oh OK ! Everyone should be happy now (I am for sure) ! :D
  15. BTW - I don't know if you guyts know this but the RFE guys are now helping Reiza with GSC and the next update will feature the new tyres with visual and physical flat-spotting and degradation. It will also pick up dirt and you'll be able to see tyre deformation like when there is a puncture on it.

    I would also like to point this mod to use the extreme's tyre sets as it seems to be the best way to go. if there's anyone out there who are remotely good at fiddling with the game files... and if you're willing to assist me in getting this done... please let me know.
    For now - just re-sync. Changes include new upgrade files for tyre sets. Which reminds me... one cannot tell ai to use certain set of tyres for certain tracks... UNLESS you move the set you want to use to the top in each car's upgrade.ini file. But I am currently writing a standalone app with which you can select either the tyre set you want, or the track, then the app will re-write all the necessary files so that the AI uses the correct set as well.

    I also want to pre-program it to re-write a track's .gdb file with pitstop strategies so that AI pit when they should... as they did in the real race for each GP or otherwise a randomize strategy button...

    Only problem I have right now is somehow also forcing AI to change to the option and prime tyre during a race. (Harder or Softer) tyre.
  16. Angelq117 updated Patrick34 F1 2014 Mod with a new update entry:

    Fixed the path issue some people were experiencing with default UI.

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  17. thanks,great job...
  18. @Angelq117
    Hi,nice updated, ... I found one bug on Ferrari steering wheel, when the vehicle detail is high or below,the steering wheel is fuzzy, the detail is full, everything ok, thanks again.
  19. Will have a look, thanks for the feedback.
  20. xxxxxx.png Guys - if any of you would like to compare your times with the rest of the world using this mod... please feel free to search for the server "racing league sa" ingame once you've run the latest SimSync Pro that can be found here: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/patrick34-f1-2014-mod.3848/

    No password required.
    Post your time and have a look at the standings here:
    http://f1leaguesa.liveracers.com/Live/?server=Racing League SA

    Take note - the current tyre set to be used is the Soft & Medium set. If your time is posted with the wrong set - the time will be marked as invalid and removed.
    As we update the mod - vehicle performance might improve - so feel free to try again from time to time. The average lap time on Interlagos atm is about 1:17 but we'd like to bring it down to 1:10 like real life by further improving the tyres which is the only files not based on the Reiza Extreme vehicles that can be changed by us.
    You don't have to join our league to participate - and the only prize will be bragging rights on the live timing website.
    If you are to hold a top 20 spot on the time sheet, please mail your time and full name as well as preferred vehicle choice to info@f1league.co.za so that you may be entered for the race on the current track in 30 days - if you'd like to take part of course (Vehicle choice is limited per person, so first come first serve rule will apply).
    Again no prizes - this is just for the fun and it's your choice if you wanna use assists or not.
    P.S. take note that assists carry a default weight penalty which was implemented by Reiza.

    Almost forgot - if you can use your Name & Surname as plr file name - that would be great... otherwise it would be a bit more difficult to distinguish between drivers with the same name - Lewis vs Lewis... hehehe.
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