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Patience is a Niels Pedersen

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Matthew Gutteridge, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Inspired by something I read on the television, I came up with the idea to play this game on Race Department

    ~The Rules~

    • I post clues as to a certain topic or object or thing, the aim of the game is to wait the longest before posting the answer on this thread (example later, read on if bamboozled)
    • You score 1 point for each hour you wait, but only the first person to post the answer scores points
    • Each event has three rounds (rather like touring cars) and the championship contains 10 events

    Step 1) I post the clue

    This thing is usually yellow. It is an animal that lives in the water. It has a beak. Daffy is one of these.

    Step 2) You wait as long as you dare before posting the answer. The first person to post the answer scores 1 point per hour. No-one else scores points.

    (I posted the clue at 12 noon)

    4:00 pm: Dave: Duck?
    6:00 pm: John: Duck!

    Dave wins this round and scores four points

    Step 3) If someone posts an incorrect answer, then the counter continues to go until someone posts a correct answer

    (I posted the clue at 12 noon)

    4:00 pm: Dave: Fish?
    6:00 pm John: Duck?
    John wins this round and scores six points

    Step 4) There are three of the rounds described in an event. The winner of the event (most points) scores a bonus five points. There are 10 events in the championship.

    ~Championship Standings~

    Standings after the 8th Event

    1) Niels Pedersen-85
    2) Thomas Hackel-22
    Peter Duivelaar-18
    4) lMatthew Gutteridge-18
    5) bduddy-14
    6) Sebastien Levret-5
    7) Dave Stephenson-3

  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Cool idea, im in :)
  3. nice idea, I'm in!
  4. i'll wait for 5 people to confirm intrest before starting (but anyone can enter)
  5. DUCK!? i won? i think im in :D
  6. 2 more people, and the waiting begins :D
  7. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Nice idea mate ! It will be funny :)

    I'M in !
  8. Ok, 1 more and we're good to go :)
  9. ##join

    looks fun :D
  10. Interesting game... Is this based off of some game show or something?

    Oh, and I'm in :)
  11. Yes, b it is

    Ok, time to start the first round of the first event.

    Ok, clue

    I am a games console, that has been given a bad reputation because I am supposed to have bad graphics and be dangerous. One of my most popular games involves an Italian Plumber racing against other friends. What am I (and for a bonus point, what game am I reffering to?)

    Remember, you have to wait the LONGEST before posting, and you score 1 point per hour you wait, but only the FIRST person to post a correct answer wins.
  12. Nintendo Wii?
    And it is the game Mario Kart?
  13. Absolutley right Peter, you score 3 points plus 1 point for getting Mario Kart

    ~Championship Standings~

    Standings after the first round of the first event

    1) Peter Duivilaar-4

  14. cheater! :D
    my guess would have been the nin 64 ... lol
  15. Next time, read properly Niels :p
  16. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    + 1 :th_sur:
  17. If you toss it, it's dangerous? I don't see the problem :alien2:
  18. Ok Round Two

    This think is yellow. It's quite rough. It's found on farms. Begins with the Letter S. Hats and Roofs can be made out of this.
  19. what do i get if i post the answer now? 0 points? :D
    BTW. i think it's the nintendo 64, again! :=) J/K!
  20. You would score 0 points yes
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