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Patch #8 includes...

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by KimRaiBerLoo, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. @ the moment I am very satisfied with the game. No faillure since my first install. Thanks Codemasters! Still, some minor updates would make the game incredible! Since patch #7 the mirrors are much better. Would be nice if patch #8 would include even better mirrors when the buildings etc. are visible at the same distance, like it is with the cars now. For example in Singapore. I like that mirror view!
  2. I don't know if it's already mentioned, but at the start of a race, when all cars are on the grid, the camera zooms in on a few cars, including the one your driving.

    The problem is that in F1 2012 there are no names and grid positions shown anymore above these cars, like it used to be in F1 2010 and F1 2011, so I can't see anymore where my compatitors are positioned on the grid. At what spot.

    Although not a major issue, it still would be nice if this can be corrected in patch 8.
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  3. Maybe a new patch update will fix this ....and flickering crowd ( i saw this in Canada and other circuits).The crowd at the bottom on the back fence ,blinking.
  4. yes baardsman i agree with the names above the cars before the race start. Codies have done a great job so far with the patches.......so hopefully if there is to be a patch 8, this will be addressed.
  5. What is beeing displayed in the mirrors is a matter of the performance it needs.

    For highend systems more details and a higher view distance might be possible.

    Noticed some "performance loss" posts after the release of the patch.

    Maybe that's why...;)
  6. They should fix the fps loss that caused by patch 7 or 6 don't know which one was but after steam installed the new patch my game was running with 10 less fps so it would be great if they could add that 10 fps again.
  7. I meant about making a patch that will increase your fps by 10
  8. Hi I not downloaded update 7 and 8 please help me (I'm sorry for english)
  9. To be clear, patch 8 is not out yet..... not even announced in any capacity.