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Patch #2 Update: October 26, 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. from CM:

    Patch 2
    - Just a quick update for you all on where we are currently with the 2nd patch.

    Step 1 of the patching process is now nearly finished and work on Step 2 is roughly halfway completed. As I'm sure you'll be glad to hear we'll be in a position middle of next week once we've done some more testing to start talking about specific fixes made by the 2nd patch, so please bear with us whilst we continue to work on getting Steps 1 & 2 completed.


    Step 1:

    When the game is released we increase our monitoring of various forums and social media channels in order to gather widespread user feedback. This feedback is then passed to our QA team who log it in a database before attempting to reproduce any potential issues in a test environment which is KEY to fixing any confirmed issues. If our QA team are able to successfully reproduce a reported issue this is then assigned to specific members of the dev team responsible for that particular area of the game.

    Note: As mentioned above it is KEY that QA can reproduce any reported issues in their test environments before they can be addressed. F1 2011 will have hundreds of thousands of users playing the game, and an issue reported by a small handful of people may not be easily reproduced or may simply be a game or technology based decision. This is why we ask that any game issues reported on the forums are accompanied by as much helpful information as the person experiencing the issue can provide.

    Step 2:

    Once step 1 has been mostly completed and an initial patch is created, the patch is then applied to the game in a test environment which then undergoes an extremely thorough testing cycle. If during this test cycle any new issues arise or the proposed fixes do not work as expected, more time is then allocated to further research the issue and come up with new solutions to the problem. Due to the complexity of modern games every single change we make could potentially impact another aspect of the game, this means that the whole game has to be tested with each update and not just the features that are being updated.


    Step 3:

    After we have internally approved the update we then must submit the update to Microsoft and Sony who will then put the update through their rigorous internal testing and approvals process. We have no further input at this stage and just have to wait to see if it passes their submission process.

    If the update passes the relevant Microsoft and Sony submission process it is then prepped for release. However, if the update for whatever reason fails the submission process, we are informed of the reasons why and then steps 1and 2 must be covered again, albeit at an accelerated rate.

    Step 4:

    As soon as the update is universally approved (by our QA team, Microsoft and Sony) it’s then prepared for release, however this doesn’t happen instantaneously and can take a few days.
  2. Thanks for posting. Can you provide any more detailed insight into the process CM takes when assessing priority for fixing bugs? Can you confirm any reported bugs which WON'T be addressed in this patch? (and I'm defining bugs as 'discussed by a number of players', not just one or two people)

    It's a shame there's no way of publicly viewing what bugs are already logged.Take my evening of gaming from tonight: I was enjoying a multiplayer game earlier when i unfortunately incurred a penalty for skipping over the kerbs at Montreal. Having been given a drive through, I attempted to take it... Only for the game to change my tyres. Attempting three more times to take the penalty resulted in... Three new sets of tyres. Surely that's more than the maximum race allocation? Also I started the race with red ringed supersofts and the prime/option choices were standard yellow/white after every pit stop. Quite confusing.

    To round things off, someone then totalled their car -- the safety car was called out and I caught up with it -- but I overtook it and proceeded at standard speed, all the while being reminded to serve my untakeable drive-through penalty -- and only when I incurred a second penalty was I THEN notified I was under race stewards' review. I ended up binning my car into the wall (for which I earnt a disqualification :D) because I was so frustrated. Good job it was only a fun race with friends.

    Bit of a long example, but this illustrates the problem most players have with the bugtesting process; there's clearly two bugs there. Have they even been acknowledged and logged into the system? The current method - requesting submissions on the Codies forum -- is opaque and it's impossible to tell if a problem's being looked at or if it's just being acknowledged as a potential issue.

    If there was some transparency in the logging stages of bug fixing, it could do a lot to appease the hardcore contingent who aren't satisfied with the apparent lack of updates addressing specific problems (and it would be a nice change from the not-horrendously-informative updates posted to all of the main online race sim fora.)

    Thanks for the status report anyway, we're all looking forward to subsequent updates.
  3. that was info relayed from CM, not 'inside info'.

    they will reveal what the patch is [intended to] fix soon
  4. Thanks for the info m8.
    I still can't get it. As i understand the final call have Microsoft .So if they don't approve the patch released by CM aka doesn't fit into their great mega HILARIOUS platform ,they will not launch it. I think is kinda annoying to pass trough these binding measures if i have owned and worked this product .
    Is it not too much dependent?
    CM had to buy a long time ago their own servers when more 2010 was released .To have online support in-game, official web support forum /not а miserable email address or community resource/.

    P.S Oh I got it too critical again, but that's my opinion.:tongue:
  5. Indeed, I'm aware of that given the last two thirds is the copy and paste "how we bug test" explanation. (I'm active on the Codies forums so I'm aware of T4RG4 and the other active Codies employees, I happen to follow you on Twitter and I think we may have had a few convos.)

    However as you're the person sticking your head above the parapet on their behalf, you should expect to field responses such as mine when... (particularly when I forget who I'm talking to at 1am ;)) - perhaps you should put a disclaimer saying you don't work for Codies at the top of the post to avoid confusion?
  6. It's part of the stupid GFWL requirements, I assume they need to check that the patch basically doesn't break the GFWL integration. Same with PSN and their checks. Dislike immensely, it must really kill the inertia in the dev process.
  7. Hello MS7XWDC
    I'm a PC user i play whit a F430 wheel i got two questions for you, i hope also guys here can be intrested.
    After all bad comments on Patch 1 i didn't update the game so my questions are.
    Do you think is better awever to install Patch 1 even if i feel well whitout it ?
    Pacth 2 will work whitout Patch 1 ?
    I didn't find anything on the net, awever to me is more important to understand from people like you if Patch 1 should be inistalled or not.
    Right now i enjoy the game whit right setup not using bug, i feel confortable and i don't want to ruin this feeling.
    Thanks in advance
  8. Patch 1 didn't do anything negative from what I saw, even if it didn't do anything positive there was nothing negative, some people said it just improve the time it took to load the races. All games are different as far as patching goes, I'm guessing for F1 2011 you won't need to install patch 1 but patch 2 might make some changes that were applied in patch 1.
  9. 2
    AFAIK Patch 1 just fixed a few things Codemasters didn't have time to finish before the game was released. All the changes are cosmetic I believe, Patch 2 is the 'real' Patch 1.
  10. No reflection on the OP who copied the information - but that has to be one of the lamest, most pointless CM updates ive ever read.
    There is no substance at all to it, just a load of generic waffle about the software development cycle which anyone could Wiki if they gave a toss.

    I laughed out loud when I read - 'extremely thorough testing cycle' - as if they had such a thing, half these issues wouldnt have been on version 1 of the game. Simple boundary tests would have flagged up the 11/11 bug for instance.

    If anything, they seem to be pushing the 'it is KEY that QA can reproduce any reported issues in their test environments before they can be addressed' a bit too much, which to me implies there will be some big bugs NOT getting fixed, and the onus will yet again be put on us for not providing enough information.

    Ive been in the software development business long enough to spot the suppliers laying the foundations for disappointment from a mile away. And to me that is exactly what they are doing here.

    And as for regression testing (making sure stuff that worked before still works post patch) well, we shall see. I throughly doubt I will still be playing 2011 to find out myself, but I will be sure to read all about it on here.
  11. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    All i can say is thank god for Game stock car.
  12. is it good dave
  13. Dave Begley

    Dave Begley

    Its the best racing sim ive played beat CM's game by miles and today they released the Formula Reiza Car (based on F1 from 2010) .

    You can download it and try it for 30 minutes. I did that and bought it within 2 mins of the demo time ending. The cars handle more realisticly. FFB is excellent as is the physics. There arnt alot of tracks atm but they released a free DLC with 6 extra layouts for tracks and modders have ported over 3 or 4 from rFactor.

    The developers also care about the community and are in the forums all the time answering questions. For £20.02 its a must for anyone into racing.
  14. Thanks guys
    So if i got well right now because i feel fine and have fun playing game whitout patch 1, there is no meaning in installing it.
    I know the bug 11/11 and stay away from it, i saw some minor graphics issues but aside that i enjoy the game as it is.
    So just to have a confermation, i may leve game whitout patch 1 for now, then i can evalute it only after patch 2 will be relased hoping they will pubblish changelog, otherwise i can keep the game like this, i'm not intrested in make records, all i want it's having fun and good feelings.
    Thanks so much
  15. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    F1 2011 Patch 2 update

    I can't see a post about it here, so here it is ....

    Stage 2 is the in-house testing, and stage 3 is the Microsoft/Sony testing.

    Full thread :-


    Patching explained :-

  16. Sticky at the top of the page!
  17. James Chant

    James Chant

    Yup, appropriately megerd
  18. are they gonna change the freakin replays this time or what?
  19. Dude...they need to charge us 50$ to do that. its called F1 2012.
  20. i would install patch 1. if for some reason it is horrible, backup your save game data, uninstall the game, then re-install and don't patch it.

    you will need patch 1 to race online, though.

    the biggest news in the original post was that next week, CM should reveal the intended fixes
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