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Patch #2 Update: November 2, 2011

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Bram, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Helios of Codemasters just released new information about the upcoming patch:

  2. Richard Knight

    Richard Knight
    GP2 - No.1 Virgin

    Fantastic! when is patch 2 released?
  3. Sounds good!
  4. Great news.
  5. Great stuff, assuming all this works the only issue unmentioned is the fast-forwarding of sessions, either manually or through damage repairs, producing lap times out of sync with what the cars were previously doing on-track. Whether this is possible to fix IDK, since it might be an inherent issue with skipping time preventing cars from dong full simulated laps, but if so I'd prefer an option to sit out the damage repair in real-time, since I don't fast-forward sessions anyway. This assuming that they can't simply tweak the way the lap times are generated when fast-forwarding to make them fall in line with actual performance.
  6. "Korea tyre compounds have been changed to those used in the 2011 race."
    "Fixed issue where AI cars would be too fast in the wet."
    "Fixed 11/11 car setup bug."

    Those are the only ones I care about :)
    AI cars in the wets were setting Dry lap times, it was ridiculous.
  7. Cool :)
  8. They could just simulate laps while fast forwarding at normal speed and just fake the number of laps done, while keeping the time real.
  9. Nice work, keep it up,
    thank you
  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Well as Step 3 is not due to start until next week my guess is that we are looking at another two to three weeks at the very least before we see the patch go live.
  11. Don't see anything about the r&d bug, but really happy with these fixes
  12. Did they mention if the patch is gonna require career restart?
  13. didnt see anything about the save game probs that some are having including myself. I worked my way up to a rank of 21 only to have the problem hit me, and when i done the fix that someone mentioned in the forum....it worked but it sets your rank back to 1 again. Its when the game is loading and it suddenly throws you out of the game saying " F1 exe has stopped working" Its now happened to me 3 times!!! And each time im back to a rank of 1. Very annoying......Maybe its on the list of things to do by codies....i hope !!!
  14. Praise the lord/CM!
    It's about time for F1 2011 multiplayer to kick off :D
  15. Sounds good indeed.

    But i still wonder how the 11/11 fix will affect things, afterall the whole springs were bugged not just the 11/11 setting.
  16. So how will the "11/11" setup work now? Is it going to stay very responsive, but murderous to the tyres? I guess it should also make the car hard to control over bumps/kerbs.
    And the "wet" AI fix makes me go
    [​IMG] :D
  17. I imagine it'll make the car a pain to control over bumps. With 11/11 springs things like the Nurburgring first corner braking zone should be a complete pain, and most kerbs should send you flying. Just adding tyre wear does nothing in, for example, TT.
  18. I hope this also includes corner cutting, because it just trivializes tracks like Singapore :frown:
  19. "We have yet to verify several other fixes at the moment, and we are still working hard on fixing a few more issues before we move into Step 3 next week. "

    Good job CM , if they can come through with the fixes mentioned.
    But, I really hope that one of the fixes yet to be mentioned by CM is the "Invisible wall" fix. Where your car would explode into a millions pieces if you accidentally went off track slightly.

    I also noticed one of the online fixes is "Various Penalty system improvements have been made".
    Are they going to do anything to offline Penalty system?
  20. This is a very promising update, but don't get your hopes too high guys, it's going to take a while still, there's more fixes being worked on then they'll have to test the patch, and who knows how long microsoft will keep it before they decide to release it.

    If you remember they held the 1st patch a couple of weeks while sony released it to ps3 at launch