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Patch #2: Monday Nov 21st:

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by MS7XWDC, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Patch #2: Releasing on Monday Nov 21st:


    the patch has now been approved by both Sony and Microsoft and is slated for release on all platforms on Monday 21st November.

    Fix List [Final]

     Game Improvements:
    o A connectivity rating display has now been implemented for each player in an online session lobby. This appears as coloured bars (red, amber, green) to indicate the expected online performance of the player in the game session.
    o More network bandwidth is now reserved for game-critical systems in online sessions. This may result in low-bandwidth users having their voice chat restricted to fewer players, but should result in a smoother online experience.

     Strategy & Setup:
    o Fixed 11/11 car setup bug.
    o Fixed issue where your race strategy uses the same tyre compound three times in a row & the final set are worn.
    o Fixed issue where wear-based punctures would occur too often.
    o Fixed various issues with the race engineer speech logic.

     AI:
    o Fixed an issue where the AI run on Intermediates for too long.
    o Fixed issue where AI cars would be too fast in the wet.
    o Fixed an issue where AI vehicles pitted too often during dry, online races .
    o The AI has been tuned on several circuits to provide smoother and faster driving.
    o Fixed issue where the AI’s sector 1 times in Malaysia were too slow

     Co –op Championship:
    o Fixed an issue with the save becoming corrupt / not able to invite the other player when playing long race weekends.
    o Fixed an issue where AI difficulty was reset to “Amateur” level when resuming a Coop game.
    o Fixed an issue with tyre wear in Practice/Qualifying not being carried over to Race.
    o Fixed an issue with the penalties accrued in Practice/Qualifying not being applied to the Race.
    o Fixed an issue with the Race Results where lapped AI are causing player to drop positions.

     Online:
    o Vote to Skip in Qualifying now requires 100% vote.
    o Various Penalty system improvements have been made.
    o Quick Race countdown timer is now set to 60 Seconds and no longer resets when a player joins the session.
    o Fixed issue where host and client machines would report different qualification results during online games
    o Fixed an issue where online players would sometimes see other players or AI cars using the wrong tyres.

     Graphics & Performance:

    o PS3 – Improved frame rate & performance.
    o Xbox360 & PC - Numerous performance improvements have been made to increase frame rate and reduce stuttering.
    o All Platforms – Numerous graphical improvements have been made.
    o All Platforms – Fixed various issues to improve general game stability.

     PC-specific:
    o Fixed several functionality issues experienced when using DX11 cards.
    o Fixed issue where users could hack specific files to increase car grip.

     Other:
    o Fixed a very infrequent issue where some sessions would be skipped over when progressing to the next session during a Long Race Weekend.
    o Korea tyre compounds have been changed to those used in the 2011 race.
    o Fixed an issue where in career where the "on the bounce" achievement was awarded after 11 race wins instead of 9.
    o Fixed an issue where all users would be awarded the fastest lap XP and stat during some online races.
    o Fixed an issue where driver's hands & head popped in a few frames late when switching cameras.
    o Fixed issue where players were able to post extremely quick Time Trial times
  2. already a topic for this.
  3. each new Patch #2 News update has been getting it's own thread :)
  4. forget patch, this is more of a game re-launch! ;)
  5. this is very great.
  6. Great improvement, but hey, what's the problem to release it today?!
  7. 1st thing i thought, too !
  8. they forgot to update teh 2nd DRS zone @ abu dhabi...dont they ever watch F1?
  9. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I don't see the "quick set-up fix" in the list.
    Or the "Helmet fix" in career mode (after you choose your helmet the one on the table should change from all white to the helmet you just picked)
    Also don't see anything about addid your name to the drivers race suit in Career mode.

    Those all seemed like they should be quick-easy fixes.....
  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I think they use the reason that now it's passed the test, it must now be packaged up and distributed for all platforms, and that would include Steam for example.

    I just hope that they release links for stand-alone PC downloads of the patch. Not leaving us to that heap of **** that is called Games For Windows Live ......
  11. probably patch was submitted before Abu Dhabi (or even India) race
  12. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    I don't think they can currently edit the drs zones. I read that somewhere.
  13. which one is that ?
  14. "To coincide with the release of the 2nd patch, we're also going to be doing a leaderboard wipe for both time attack and time trial modes."
  15. Gopher04

    Old But Not Obsolete Premium

    Yep they have said DRS zones wont be corrected..as for the patch what bothers me the fact i see nout about the corrupt save game problem, except in co op mode.
  16. o Fixed an issue where AI difficulty was reset to “Amateur” level when resuming a Coop game. does this mean that the AI is fast after this patch in co-op:)
  17. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    BTW I have downloaded my game onto XBOX360 Hard Drive and play of course with the disk in the CD drive. Does anyone know if the patch will update both or do patches live in memory somewhere??
    Anyway can't wait to play with the updates now!!! Pretty long list feels like a game launch.
    I do feel for the PC guys though as they like to fix their own stuff mainly (joke guys!)
  18. The 11/11 springs bug is where stiffer springs improve grip, stability, AND responsiveness... Right? What's the fix going to change there?
  19. David, the patch downloads as a file to your xbox and will work whether your playing off the disc or off the hard drive.
  20. Steam patches that are released on a Friday are legendary. There was 2 total war game patches that came out on a Friday and broke the game, stopping half the people playing it from getting past the loading screen. Cause it was a a weekend, they didnt get wind of it traight away, or do anything about it till monday and it took a few days to get a hot fix out.

    Fridays are bad because, if something goes wrong with the patch, you don't get any support till the Monday. Better to release early in the week.