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Patch 0.3.1 released!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by nobrakes, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Changelog Early Access 0.3.1
    - Fixed McLaren MP4-12C toe settings and values on setup screen
    - Centered cockpit on McLaren MP4-12C
    - Fixed McLaren MP4-12C RPM dial range of motion
    - Fixed setup values errors in the Lotus 2-11
    - Modifications on Abarth 500 front headlights
    - Tweaked wind noise for open cars
    - Throttle map modifications for all cars
    - Corrected Lotus Exige Roadster Semiautomatic gearbox ratios
    - More UI content translated in Russian
    - Removed redundant messages from log to improve performances

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  2. There seems to be a trend here, 0.3 etc on a Friday then Monday small bug fix to 0.X.1. Then nothing else until the two weeks are up.
  3. - Throttle map modifications for all cars

    The 458 has fantastic throttle response now. Much more like it! :cool:
  4. Fantastic little update. Still can't get 1:1 steering ratio in he Mclaren though.
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  5. Just recognized this too, i think the only car with this issue.
  6. Oooh so they fixed the throttle!? Stuart do you think its linear now?

    Damn I need to get my Pc sorted already, no AC in 8 days...
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  7. Hands shaking, eyes blinking? I feel bad for you. ^^
  8. Yes:cautious:
  9. It's a whole new ballgame.. You will be more than happy.
    If you fart too hard near the throttle in the 458 now it'll take off like a rocket. :)

    You actually need throttle control now.
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  10. Thats great to hear. Ive always had a hunch something was fishy but never realised the gas was far off until reading comments. No need for TC in Zonda now :)
  11. Aside from first 10% of throttle, yeah, it's a lot closer to linear now.

    I don't have a copy of the old version of most of the cars to compare against (only looked at 458 cause people complained)
  12. How do you get this data? And what about other cars?
  13. I decrypted the data.acd by guessing the password (it's different for every car, not sure how they generate it) - basically a long time looking at a hex dump for patterns that let me guess some characters of the password, and then filling those in across the whole file to spot parts of words that gave me more hints. The throttle lookups are relatively easy cause the lut format is so simple (only contains numbers and new lines, quite like a csv)
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  14. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    May I kindly ask of discretion in showing data of original cars?
    Showing the graph of a throttle map is not a big deal (I hope), but please be very careful with what you show and under no circumstances release tools that decrypt the data.

    Some manufacturers lawyers are quite nasty to say an euphemism, and if they attack us, we will have no choice but to point the finger on the poor users. We really don't want that to happen in any case, so please be sensible. Thanks guys.

    P.S. of course we will release a template car completely open so you can create your mods, just try to not mess up too much with original cars, that's all. :)
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  15. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Using clutch for the 1st gear feels more natural :)
  16. There was also a fix to saved replays - now they work :)
  17. I don't know whether its this 0.31 or the 0.32 update, or if I'm just going insane (its been said before but not by anyone still alive :) ) but my T500rs now feels much more responsive and centering is lightning quick and sharp. Its just that bit extra that stops me from hitting a wall (now its just gravel because I'm ****).

    When the updates had completed and I entered the game I had to remap again but no settings were changed. Any T500rs owners experiencing the same. Its not just the MP4 or 458 either.

    I'm also getting much less bottoming out on my Buttkicker Gamer 2 when shifting from neutral to 1st. Previously it was enough to wake the neighbours. Now theres only a momentary bottoming and a much more progressive rumble effect. My compliments to your sound developers guys.

    Cheers KS.