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Pastor Maldonado

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Ejike Wodu, May 30, 2012.

  1. Interesting driver but have the stewards been too lenient on him?

    According the stewards he has assaulted two drivers with his car. Shouldn't have got red cards on both ocassions?

    He would do well in the xbl public lobbies.
  2. Fades in comparison to things we have seen in the past though , Senna brings to mind.
    I think it just shows passion and competitiveness really, south americans are perhaps a little bit more aggressive in that sense, JPM was the same for example.

    Honestly i think both times he wasn´t really going to hit the other car, just mis-judged it completely.

    Anyone saw the GT1 race last year? One guy got wrecked off the track so he came back, blew by the guilty guy at around 200km/h. He miss-judged the distance and they crashed heavily.
    It was never his intent to crash into him but miss-judged the situation massively.

    With that said, i do think he should get a stronger penalty for the Perez incident, he was without a doubt the cause for the steering failure of Perez imo.
    Things could have gone bad there.
  3. I understand the passion but I think like you said, the stewards should have presented him with a race ban even if to set an example, epsecially if he ruined the chances of Perez racing (and causing damage to the sauber).

    Maybe the pay driver status has something to do with it.
  4. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    And, if I'm not wrong, the germans refused to remove his license. Even though it was strongly adviced that he should've loosed his license for it. And I do agree.
    If you allow something, where to draw the line? injury? death?
  5. That´s the problem i guess.. Base it on the consequences maybe.
  6. Another race...another incident....10,000 euro fine?!

    That's nothing to him. He should have a ban, other driver's are concerned about his conduct too.
  7. I think this time though out of all the incidents, this one looked like he lost the rear and tried to get it back which ment he had to cross Perez path.

    A bit like Hamilton and Massa last year in Silverstone. Hamilton dives on the inside, loses the rear end but manages to keep the rear end under control but of course touch Felipe and actually get some "help" from him.

    Problem is when it´s high speed corners like that, not easy to save it.
  8. Didn't look that way to me. He gave Perez no room - and it appeared he changed direction causing the contact. I guess it does look like the Hamilton - Massa issues last season, and these things do happen in races. But when a driver comes out and says all the other driver's are concerned about Pastor, then maybe this should be looked at.
  9. hmm.. I think he may have gotten off lightly, but long term he probably hasn't, as we have seen in the past drivers who visit the stewards often, do not get any favours from them in the long run, normally 50/50 decisions rarely swing in their favour.

    I would think his card has been marked and they will remember it in future incidents.
  10. Would be interesting to be sat in the drivers meetings....and Pastor is sat with his cap on covering his eyes.....imagine that.

    His card is marked fo shizzle.
  11. Look again and you´ll see some oversteer on entry.
    ..because of past experiences which i already said was probably intentional,
  12. Ok, here is the proof Maldonado actually lost control of the car then hit Perez.

  13. the video is blocket. :(
  14. Not saying he didn't lose control (for me it was pretty obvious even live)

    But any driver with half a brain wouldn't have lost control there.
  15. Edit: had to remove it.. Not sure how people keep theirs up.
  16. You have copyright content in your video, try to add effects and make it look like you are using the content for education reason, same goes with the title. (the copyright law has a loop :confused:) ;)
  17. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    I think this incident, as much as I love to bash on Maldonado, wasn't really anyone's fault. Maldonado defended his position as he is entitled, and Perez took his line, as he was also entitled. Unfortunately Maldonado's rear end stepped out, he corrected (natural, instinctive reaction) but unfortunately that meant he drifted wide into Perez. Racing incident for sure
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  18. Lol. "For Sure"

    This incident wasn't necassarily his fault or stupidity however it was a bit clumsy. Along with all the other incidents he has had in the past, including 2 instances of maliciously and purposely hitting a driver and causing damage in both circumstances, something major needs to be done. Grid penalties and fines won't do anything, if he isn't able to race with others then he should have his super license removed. Simple as.
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  19. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Lol, classic F1 driver statement from me there, well spotted :)

    I don't believe he should have been penalised at all for this incident - I mean insert another driver in that situation and we wouldn't even be talking about this.
  20. I really dislike the guy, but I also have to agree that this particular incident was not like some of his previous ones. I think it was still clearly his fault, and he took one of my favorite drivers out of contention, but I think he just got his car into a position that he couldn't get it back out of.