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parc ferme rules

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Dimitrios Tsiakalos, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. just found out that you can change car from q to race when theres a CLIMATIC change , e.g. a dry q followed by wet race , or vice versa.set up must be kept same wen no climatic change , e.g. dry q - dry race,wet q -wet race

    copy-pasted summarised rule from formula1.com:

  2. It is unclear what further changes entails though. I'm pretty sure you can't completely change the setup, but I do know you can change, for example, the brake duct size.
  3. 34) Post Qualifying Parc Ferme
    -If the FIA Technical Delegate is satisfied that changes in the climate condition necessitate alterations to the specification of a car, changes made be made to the air ducts around the front and rear brakes and radiator ducts. Thses changes may be made at any time after the message "CHANGE IN CLIMATE CONDITIONS" is shown on the timing monitors, from this point the choice of air ducts around the front and rear brakes and radiator ducts is free and pitot tubes may be covered or uncovered, subject always to compliance with the relevant Technical Regulations.

    I remember at Spa this year, the announcers talking about Alonso's slow pace in qualifying due to the fact that he'd set the car up for different weather conditions that were expected during the race.

    There should be no major setup changes available to the cars between qualifying and the race, except for the cooling ducts as mentioned above.
  4. its true they are allowed to change the cars setup even when they are in parc ferme,
    BUT only 4 or 6 times per season how many times i dont know for shure.
    when the cars are there the whole team is not allowed to even be on the circuit at certain given times.
    if the fia spot one of the team members bevore the cars are given free the team loses a day even if its the teams catering service
    they mentioned it on tv last race,
    because of the time difference one of the team members went up early and tought, haah lets go to the circuit it wasnt even a mechanic but because he was seen by the fia they got a day off , now they have 5 from 6 days/nights left to for example change an engine because it blew up in qualifying. normaly u have to tell the officials u are planning to change something on the car and thats where those days are for.
  5. It sounds like you are referring to the rule they have about teams working on cars beyond a certain, preset time limit during sessions. There are a limited amount of times per year that a team can request, through the FIA, to work beyond that preset time limit and those times are usually used when someone's wrecked a car in a Practice session or a team's car is really horrible in Practice and the need to change major parts arises to make the car better. McLaren used one to change major parts on Hamilton's car at one event this year.

    It has nothing to do with parc ferme at all. Parc Ferme starts when a team leaves the Paddock during Qualifying practice the first time and continues until the Race starts.
  6. yes thats exactly wat i ment