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Tracks Palmer Motorsports Park 2015-12-03

Scratch build track

  1. brian potvin

    brian potvin

    brian potvin submitted a new resource:

    Palmer Motorsports Park - Scratch build track

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  2. brian potvin

    brian potvin

    I have the track on a server right now for those who would like to test online.
    Server name: [ISRG.INFO]

    I will keep the track up for several days for testing with the Lancer. Its set for 165 minute practice 15 minute quali, 5 minute warmup and 8 lap race.
  3. Thanks for the effort. :thumbsup: Always nice to see new fresh toys pop up. :)

    You've got the layout pretty much sorted, i reckon. The base structure is there.
    It's not the most exciting track ever, but it's got a certain uniqueness to it. The surrounding environment placement, i find, is also already set up nicely and assets are well placed and gives the impression it's all been well thought out.

    Ofcourse, what it now needs the most is a graphical face lift and other tweaks to get it up to SCE standards. @Patrick Giranthon is the ''in-house'' master modder, whose high quality track upgades i'm sure you are familiar with by now. Maybe he can help you out with the project eventually.
    He is very busy with many projects,though, so i'm not sure when and in what form he can/is willing to assist right away...
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  4. I checked some onboard videos on YT and i must say you captured the character of the course surprisingly well. Understandably, turns are not 100% correct, but I think you did a fine job and I find it is of high quality in terms of staying true to the RL track. Bravo !

    One thing stands out, though - the length of the turns/overall length. I see they do a ca. 2min laps in powerful gt cars, whereas I did a 1.42 in the Lancer RS. Do you plan to adjust this in the future ?
  5. Hi, So in searchin for some new tracks, i see this. Havent tried or seen it yet, but i live in Hampshire county MA and grew up in Hamden county and know Palmer very well. Just not the track - but very cool!! :) Thanks
  6. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    This track is in my *vicinity*, so I am VERY eager to try this out. Its conceivable I'm racing here next year, in which case I will take as much photo/video as I can.

    (Who knows, SCE could give me the unfair advantage.)
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  7. Considering Lime Rock and NHIS or Loudon as it used to be called are the only two track I actually ran at, this should be a welcome edition. I used to be in SCCA and still never even knew this was being built, so its quite a very welcome surprise. I'll have to try it out and see.
    The videos I've seen of the track are terrific, nice high speed turns and plenty, and I mean plenty of elevation changes.
    Finally New England has a real racetrack ! Woohoo. Just hope the winters aren't too harsh on it !