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Paint Your Wagon

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dazmaniac, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Don't worry, no Lee Marvin impressions coming from me, lol.

    However, whilst perusing the iRacing forums, I was digging around in the Car Painting discussion forum and came across a thread where a few guys were trying to offer up some assistance for people setting out painting cars they were unfamiliar with. It seems the Wire Frame and also a technique called Spotfinder come in handy.

    Thread can be seen here - http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/1389617.page - for anyone, who like me, is still on the beginner slope when it comes to painting iRacing templates.

  2. Ah cool Daz! Great find thx :)
  3. Yeah what Daz posted above definitely helps makes it easier before starting a paint job. As you already kinda know how it will look like without have to go back in game every time to check it out. Was playing around with a DP skin and this is what I came up with. Only thing I gotta figure out is why this is the only car template that the color black seems to look like a dark navy blue in game.



  4. Might have a go myself but where can the V8 and Riley templates be found?
  5. Cheers Will, i presume you need Adobe or something?
  6. Yep I use Photoshop. There is another program, GIMP that I've used before but for me its much easier using PS.
  7. Will, I would be willing to bet that the black is coming out looking blue to the settings for the car in the reflections part of the sim. It seems to me that each car has a different looking or more enhanced style to them. So if that car was made with a more "glossy" type paint/reflection to it that could be the problem you see. I would be willing to bet that it could be fixed dealing with the alpha layers in photoshop if they included them. I remember some other games that the alpha layers caused the blurs, reflections, and other parts to change. Maybe that can help you.
  8. Ah ok thanks Joe will give that a try later.